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St. Anthony Diversity

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Success in a diverse classroom comes from a balance of student self-awareness and community acceptance of others (Beth Morrow). This quote sums up everything that teachers need to do. The world is becoming more and more diverse therefore classrooms and schools are also becoming more and more diverse. “Students of color now constitute approximately 40 percent of all students enrolled in public schools, and this population is expected to grow considerably in the coming years” (Cooper, 2011, p. 189). When students see that their teacher excepts their background other students will as well. For this years, Social Studies clinical I had the privilege to be paired with Mrs. Mueller, a first-grade teacher at St. Anthony’s kindergarten through second …show more content…
Anthony school curriculum is set to be rigorous, academic preparation is emphasized in every classroom and every grade level. (St. Anthony). Students are educated with the knowledge to become informed, positive, contributors to their families, careers and communities. In the Hispanic culture objects are so materialistic and unimportant the one thing that Hispanics value is their family. There is no replacing that kind of love or bond with any materialistic items. As stated by the School of St. Anthony itself, “while we have five campuses the Milwaukee’s Historic South Side, St. Anthony School is more than bricks and mortar: we are a family” (St. Anthony) Every student of St. Anthony School is important and valued just like every family member is the students own family. A family sense of environment is essential to the mission of St. Anthony …show more content…
Anthony). Students are taught that they live in a diverse world and every culture has their own custom and beliefs. In teaching social studies, I learned that the best way to introduce and educate students on this topic is through discovering of the different cultures that are around the world. One way that Mrs. Mueller educators her students in diversity is through a culture unit. This year Mrs. Mueller chose a country then plans lessons involving that countries culture. Her goal/objective for this unit was to have students discover and learn the different customs and beliefs that each country and culture values. Then as a result of learning and knowing this knowledge student would be put in groups and would each create a posted on one of the parts of that countries culture with the outcome of eventually having a culture walk and each classroom walks through the halls and learns new things about the other countries

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