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Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope

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Throughout history, the element of timing has proven to be an essential and instrumental component of any movement. Take the various art movements and art styles of the 18th and 19th century for example. Each movement and each artist came as a result of the current trends of that time period. Artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso succeeded because their art work represented and depicted the movements of that era. Similar to the various art movements, Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope, was introduced in 1977, a time that signified racial and religious trends, as well as trends of the 1970s such as protesting, drugs and hippies. This epic film represents the movement of the 1970s and does a good job in its representation, which contributes to the film’s popularity rating in America. …show more content…
Through their depiction in the movie, these aliens are treated as second class citizens, even though the planets that they inhibit may very well be their own planets, but because the white males have dominated their planets, they are seen as less inferior and therefore treated as such. An example of this can be seen in the bar that Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi visit in Tatooine. The aliens are portrayed as uneducated, violent, non-compliant, abrasive and scary. Racist stereotypes also exist amongst the different types of aliens. It’s almost as if George Lucas reflected our own culture in his depiction of the characters in the movie. Portraying characters such as the aliens as the minorities and the whites as the superiors. Even towards the end of the movie, Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker are given medals of achievement for their contribution in destroying the Death Star. Sadly, Chewbacca, receives no recognition and definitely doesn’t receive any type of medal. Yet, his contributions helped just as much in the victory of the destruction of the Death

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