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Strenghtening Community

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Strengthening Community We are living in a “connected” modern society that is made up of multiple communities and/or groups of people. A person may be part of several communities at one time; some of these communities may include school, work, home, and/or online communities. In today’s fast-paced environment, with 24/7 connectivity, there are many factors that create stress within the communities we belong to. For the purpose of this essay, I will focus on the work community I belong to and the stress that my work environment can create. Once a person identifies the stress factors in their work environment, is it possible for an individual to take action that would strengthen his or her work community? I say yes. Stress factors in the work environment can come from a variety of areas. A heavy workload, a difficult co-worker, poor working conditions, being underpaid, gossip and infighting are just some of the sources of stress a person can experience in their workplace. So how does a person combat stress in the workplace and what actions can he or she take to reduce stress levels? Consider the following tips: Stress Factor | Possible Solutions | Heavy Workload | Ask for additional help. Request an extended deadline to complete the work. Communicate problems through the proper channels and offer suggestions on how to solve the problem with a supervisor. Always try to help others that are experiencing the same problem whenever possible to be supportive. | Difficult Co-Worker | Avoid spending time with the difficult person if possible. Be flexible and willing to compromise if you have to collaborate with a difficult person. Check your emotions and keep the environment professional. Avoid talking about personal topics. Always try to help others that may be experiencing this issue by being a positive influence. Use diplomacy and tact and set a

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