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Study Away Programs Is Not A Waste Of Time

Study away programs is not a waste of time There have been various debates on the value of studying abroad for the past few years. This debate was initiated after the New York Times started asking questions on whether this study away program is a waste of time. Those supporting these programs claimed that these studies were important since it prepares the students for life in an increasingly interconnected world. The people against it see it as a waste of time and money. Statistics shows that 273,996 of the United States students studied abroad for academic credit in the years 2010-2011. This number formed one percent of the total students enrolled in post-secondary education. Misinformation has been found to be a major reason for the small percentage of youngsters considering studying abroad. Most believe that studying abroad is luxurious and that there is nothing to benefit from it. This essay is meant to discuss whether study programs are just a waste of time (Collingwood, 2008). Some students believe that study away programs do not add value to one's life. The reality to this doubts and beliefs is different. The fact that the mode of teaching varies in different parts of the world and one may not be used to them does not make studying less valuable. In addition to the formal form of learning in classrooms, learning also takes place outside the classroom. In Studying abroad one gains more experience compared to an individual studying in his or her national university. The entire experience abroad would increase the student’s employment potential. Since most of the companies are looking for employees with ability to understand and communicate with people from various cultural backgrounds, they would be in better positions to do this compared to their colleagues from the national universities (Collingwood, 2008). People who study abroad make new friends and spend much time with them. Psychologists and sociologists researchers have found out that friendship is very important for happiness and well being. Friendship is important for the wellbeing of an individual. Friendship enables one to appreciate themselves and the people around them leading to physical health and long life. Studying abroad, making new friends and understanding of their culture makes life more enjoyable and worth living (Daniel, 2005). Freedom is the key to happiness. People who do not enjoy their freedom are not happy and always lead miserable lives. Others feel free to do what they want to without the fear of being scolded by their parents in pursuit of happiness. Most people have fought for their freedoms with government protecting these freedoms. The sense of freedom being felt by students studying abroad increases their performances since they are more relaxed and ready to learn (Collingwood, 2008). The discussions above show that the study away programs are not a waste of time. Students who study abroad tend to make more friends than their counterparts who study in the national universities. They tend to make more friends, study new cultures and lead happier lives. These students also enjoy a great sense of freedom than when they would be home. Freedom leads to happiness increasing their eagerness to learn. The quality of education has also been found to be the same for both the abroad and national students, but the system of education has been found to vary. Students should thus be encouraged to indulge themselves in study away programs.

This is not a native English writer. The writer's phrasing and use of punctuation was off. Many of their claims were not backed up properly and were merely generalizations. The introduction and conclusion was not clear. The main body paragraphs were not substantial enough in information to warrant learning for readers. The main point that I want to get across is that the writer was not clear in their writing style and their writing itself was obviously not native. I would garner this essay with a 4/10 score.

Daniel, G. (2005). Emotional intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ. Bantam books.
Collingwood, J. (2008). The Importance of Friendship. Psych Central.

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