Study Habits of Fourth Year Students of Kakawate High School

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Chapter I
Physics is considered as one of the most difficult and mathematically rigorous of the sciences as a subject in high school. A student cannot learn much in Physics if he does not develop good study habits as well as his attitudes and use towards studying.
The role and study of Physics in our country is very vital in order to achieve better changes. Teaching of Physics as a subject its relationship that would enable them to apply and control the things.
Good study habits are the keys to learning. Everyone cannot be brilliant but everyone can learn how to study. If one knew how to study, apply what he knows, he will be successful in his study. Knowing the best what to study will help one to be a better student.
Effective study habits, even highly intelligent student failed due to inefficient work and lack of knowledge on how to study effectively. Important skills for study have to be learned and practiced. Moreover, students who put in more classroom how and who work to a more regular program of study have a better academic performance.
Study habits tend to be formed in the early grades and in the most instances, do not materially improve after elementary school. Some students often complain about mental inability or strain or lack of interest in studies. Other thinks they are not capable.
Background of the Study
It is a common knowledge that many students fail in studying Physics; even those who work hard often study in ways considered unproductive by Physics teachers. Several others are just contented with barely passing grades, never developing their skills and abilities to the highest level attainable.
What to study, where to study and how to study are indispensable to every student in physics class. In fact, proper study habits are the tool for acquiring deeper understanding in physics. Good study habits largely…...

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