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Britain may be regarded as at the leading position since the 17th century to the significance of its system of banking, and still remains among the financial centers of the world. The banking sector of UK focuses around five prominent global corporations i.e. Barclays, Lloyds, RBS and HSBC. These are the corporations who were able to reorganize early, in support of demutualization movement started in the mid 1980s. In addition to this, the institutes of United Kingdom are emphasized on outreach activities like retail or banking lending to SMEs. Some posses diversified based on the model of universal banking. Foreign banks, involving U.S. banks are also sturdily present in the business of investment banking or asset management. Prominent banks of UK including RBS, Barclays and HSBC were other highly developed abroad involving through acquisitions. This paper aims in discussing on the policies and strategies of Barclay’s Bank related to management theory.

Barclays is a group that is included in providing financial and economic services. In addition to this, the Barclay group place particular emphasis on the investment management and various areas of banking within the United Kingdom. The Barclays Bank has its operation throughout the world that involves Africa, USA and Asia. The Barclays bank attained fourth position in the United Kingdom. It presently provides work for almost seventy eight thousand employees and holds most of the stocks in the industry of banking. However, one of the most prominent management strategies of Barclay’s bank includes “Sports Sponsorship”. This is broadly recognized as one of the most important tools in management (Ackrill, 2001, pp. 25-29).

Barclays Bank affected by the business environment
With, respect to the changed in the business environment “Barclays Bank” responses in an effective manner, in…...

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