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Supersize Me

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How Unhealthy is McDonald’s?

Do you love McDonald’s? Did you know that McDonald’s spends 4.1 million dollars on advertisements every year? This includes billboards, TV advertisements, magazines, newspapers, and coupons. If you love McDonald’s, do you know what is in the food? One Big Mac has a whopping 550 calories! That is almost equal to three pounds of carrots (556) calories.

There is a documentary called Super Size Me, which is a movie about a man named Morgan Spurlock who tries to eat three meals a day from McDonald’s for 30 days. When asked by McDonald’s employees whether or not he would like to SuperSize his meal, he would always say yes. When he started the McDonald’s diet, he weighed 185.5 pounds. On the second day, after SuperSizing his lunch, he threw up. By day 7, Morgan had chest pressure.
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He told Morgan that he ate 741 Big Macs in a year. As you can probably guess, Don Gorske is obese.

Morgan asked a McDonald’s worker how many people SuperSize their meals, and she said, “close to 100%.” FIND OUT THE DIFFERENCE IN CALORIES AND FAT FOR A SMALL, MEDIUM, OR SUPER SIZED MEAL. One in 4 McDonald’s restaurants didn’t have the nutrition facts to show their customers, and one manager got Morgan the nutritiion facts from the basement. Another interesting fact that came out of this documentary was that when Morgan asked random people in the streets to explain what a calorie is, most

The fattest city in America is Houston,

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