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Susan Kaysen, an eighteen-year-old character in the story shows visible signs that she needed urgent help. The girl shows aspects of brightness in her studies as she does well in all her papers. However, Kaysen is a troubled teenager who is unable to cope with life challenges that we face in our daily lives. Her experience is what seems to bring more controversies to her life as she seeks to find solutions to her psychological problems.
One of the obvious signs that the girl needed urgent help was her decision to quit school. At her age, one would be expected to have dreams and goals to be achieved both in education and career-wise. However, the young lady decides to abandon school and apparently, she was having an affair with her high school English teacher. Secondly, the girl displays symptoms of needing help when she half- …show more content…
The girl also seemed to be depressed and had motivation issues which made her believe that her life was not worth. She experiences constant nervous breakdowns because of the depression. Additionally, she claims to be experiencing headache problems and hence she overdosed by taking fifty pills of aspirin with vodka. She also has exhaustion issues which she decides to confront and deal with by visiting the psychiatrist.
All these reasons provide the overarching aim for Kaysen’s hospitalization. The experienced symptoms clearly indicated that she needed urgent help which could only be obtained by visiting the hospital. She needed to be well checked for psychological problems to determine the most suitable diagnosis for her condition. In that case, hospitalizing Kaysen was the only solution to her problems, and yes, the symptoms were severe enough to warrant her admission in the mental

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