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Swot Analysis for M&S

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SWOT Analysis

• M&S were eminent for their meticulousness regarding supplier control, stock and store layout
• The victory of M&S under Simon Marks was frequently credited his grasping of client inclination and movements
• Provide most noteworthy principles of value
• Suppliers use the most current and effective processing procedures


• Stocked generic clothing range with wide appeal to the public: buyers often had to make choices, which would outlast the fashion and trends seen in other high street retailers • This lagging behind in case of introducing up-to-dated fashionable clothing to keep pace with the environment actually made them vulnerable to their competitors • They always used British suppliers believing that it would give them highest quality with low costs but actually sometimes made them weak to challenge its competitors
Some competitors are using overseas suppliers to keep the costs down


To survive in today’s world globalization is important. M&S have a wide opportunity to go more global to improve and expand its business

They also have the opportunity to consider more overseas supplier which will actually give them cost advantage, rather than suppliers available on a local level.
They also have the opportunity to maximize the use of available technology to improve their functioning and to gain competitive advantage.


They are in strong competition with Gap, Oasis and Next, who are offering similarly priced products yet more fashionable.
M&S is also in competition from discount stores like Matalan, and “George” range at Asda.
M&S is also in threat from Tesco and Seinsbury’s who moved into offering added value foods, which had been pioneered by M&S.

Alternative Courses of Action

1. Substantial research before operations and correct...

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