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Symbolism And Allusions In Harrison Bergeron

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A heart symbolizes love as white symbolizes purity. Without symbolism stories wouldn’t be as deep or interesting as many are today. Along with symbolism, allusions really help when creating a fascinating story. The short stories named “Harrison Bergeron” , ‘2BR02B” , and “The Lottery consists of many symbolism and allusions. To begin with, the short story Harrison Bergeron written by Kurt Vonnegut symbolizes many dark history moments. For example, the handicapper general symbolizes a dictator whom we can allud with Adolf Hitler back in World War 2. Symbolism also occurs when Harrison breaks and tears off the handicaps of the most graceful ballerina along with his. As he breaks off the handicaps he is symbolizing freedom. He is breaking free from their so called perfect utopia. Before the tearing of the ballerina’s handicaps, there is a moment when Harrison asks if there is anyone who'd dance with him or break away. At this moment the ballerina rises to her feet volunteering herself, which could …show more content…
One of the biggest symbolism was tradition. Their tradition for years, shows us that traditions can be dangerous if we follow them blindly. There was also a black box in this short story. This black box held the cards, and everyone in the village seemed to be scared of it. This brings up an allusion. That black box can allude to a desk in the corner of a1st grade classroom, the time out desk, which many children hate to be near. The little white pieces of paper that are in the box could also symbolize something among the villagers. Those pieces of paper symbolize equality within themselves; they all have the same probability of winning the lottery. However, stool on which the black box is sitting on seemed to really scare them. They left space between themselves and the stool. This symbolizes that the villagers fear the tradition yet have more fear of breaking free from

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