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Tanglewood Case Case3


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Tanglewood case Case3

1. Generate a recruiting guide for the store associate job
Position: Store job associate
Reports to: Regional mangers
Qualification: College graduates or individuals who have extensive experience in another store chain directly into the assistant store managerial position
Relevant labor market: Washington and Oregon
Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates:
1. Regional newspaper advertising
2. Request company referrals
3. Contact kiosks and staff agencies and service-job agencies Staff members involved: Corporate HR recruiting manager Regional manager
Budget: Around $12250 for each region2. 2. Describe the relative advantages of open versus targeted recruiting for Tanglewood In open recruitment, companies do not segment the labor market on the basis of KSAOs. All those who apply for the post are considered as qualified. The advantage is that this process is fair as all get the opportunity to apply. Moreover, it is useful when there is large number of employees. On the basis of this, media and referrals can be considered as the open recruitment as in both of them, a large number of employees can apply. In referral, a person recommended can be employed without testing for his KSAOs. Also, kiosks fall in this category as the organization itself is not segmenting the candidates. Kiosks provide opportunities for applicants to watch short videos at the entrance explaining what the job entails. In targeted recruitment, the organization identifies the qualified candidates. Under this, state job services can fall. The employment service is provided with a set of qualifications required for work, and the employment services agency assists in providing initial screening and hiring recommendations.

3. Evaluate data related to Tanglewood historical recruiting methods to determine the effectiveness for each

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