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Tanunda Winery has established its repute and standing in the domestic arena. Based on the immense growth potential held by the international wine market, it is believed that adding an aggressive and full-fledged export angle to its business is a feasible and attractive option for Tanunda. This recommendation is based on two specific factors.

Firstly, the Australian wine market, which accounts for a majority of Tanunda’s sales, has been relatively stable , with only the table wine market exhibiting moderate growth. The domestic market is also crowded with close to 1000 competitors chasing after this low-growth market. Relying solely on the domestic market can imply a stagnating growth graph for Tanunda.

Secondly, with little or no effort, and based solely on its excellent quality and brand-marketing strategies, Tanunda has succeeded in securing a relatively decent percentage of the international wine market. It is noteworthy that Tanunda’s export activities have arisen because importers have demonstrated interest and appreciation for its wine – not because it has chased after them. This suggests that a market having extensive scope and growth is waiting to be tapped.

Considering the lack of room for growth and improvement in the domestic circuit and the opportunities afforded by the international market, it is suggested that Tanunda focus on its export activities. Out of the four countries identified as potential export markets, it is believed that Japan would make for an attractive market, in terms of risk, efforts, as well as profitability.


The recommendation to develop a comprehensive export strategy centering on Japan is based on myriad factors operating in the country’s favor.

Although the

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