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NBS made it to the roster of the top 100 Philippine corporations, with profits of $1 million on gross revenues of $34.7 million. By 2004, the company had grown to a point that it ranked 308th in the Retail Asia-Pacific Top 500, a list that includes the 14 national economies in the region. NBS made it to the roster of the top 100 Philippine corporations, with profits of $1 million on gross revenues of $34.7 million. By 2004, the company had grown to a point that it ranked 308th in the Retail Asia-Pacific Top 500, a list that includes the 14 national economies in the region. NBS made it to the roster of the top 100 Philippine corporations, with profits of $1 million on gross revenues of $34.7 million. By 2004, the company had grown to a point that it ranked 308th in the Retail Asia-Pacific Top 500, a list that includes the 14 national economies in the region. NBS made it to the roster of the top 100 Philippine corporations, with profits of $1 million on gross revenues of $34.7 million. By 2004, the company had grown to a point that it ranked 308th in the Retail Asia-Pacific Top 500, a list that includes the 14 national economies in the region. NBS made it to the roster of the top 100 Philippine corporations, with profits of $1 million on gross revenues of $34.7 million. By 2004, the company had grown to a point that it ranked 308th in the Retail Asia-Pacific Top 500, a list that includes the 14 national economies in the region.

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