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The Visionary
Ma. Elena Eleperia


Adapting to Students
Felecitas Pado


Discipline and Perseverance
Maria Utanes


Teacher Aurelia Ballitoc: This is My Story
Aurelia Ballitoc


Living in the Crossroads: From a Chemical Engineer to a Teacher
Mary Lyn Dominguez


An Impulsive Decision
Nancy Pascual



Transforming People’s Lives: Inside and Beyond the Classroom
Mohana Ratnam-Eswaran


The Vision to Help the Philippines
Rogelio Opulencia


A Teacher Until the End
Allan Canonigo


The Urge to Serve
Aurora Zuñiga


Am I Really an Action Researcher?
Saowanee Yuthtamanop



Knowing One’s Students
Trixie Marie Sison
Innovating for Development
Maria Eljie Mabunga


Technology and Innovations: Tools for Better Understanding
Ester Raagas


Introducing a Paradigm Shift through Innovations
Glendale Lamiseria


Polishing Diamonds: How Datuk Yap Transformed Tawau Technical School
Mary Yap Kain Ching


The New Chalk and Talk
Norizan Ahmad


Haji Alias Abu Bakar Stewardship at MKJB:
Leveraging on Partnerships for School Success
Haji Alias Abu Bakar





Medium of Instruction in Teaching: A Critical Tool for Understanding
Ma. Isabel Pefianco-Martin


Not the Typical 21st Century Teacher
Schedar Jocson


Learning from Other Nations
Chea Vuth


Feels Like Home
Slamet Nugraha


In line with the continuing effort of SEAMEO INNOTECH to foster constructive dialogue and consultation on various education issues and concerns affecting the Southeast Asian Region, the Third Regional Education Forum was conducted last March 22-24, 2011 with the theme:
Rediscovering the

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...TEACHERS By: Laura Litalien Keiser University 02/05/2013 Education should be a part of everyone's life. A good education offers something for everyone, whether it is on the simple level or a more complex one. Education should provide an opportunity for students to develop a strong sense of creativity, a high self esteem, and a lifelong respect for learning. Education should help students establish a strong sense of confidence in themselves. A teacher will be one factor that helps a student learn and progress along their way through life. Teachers combine their own ideas with other people's to be able to give a good education to their students. What should the relationship be, between students and teachers in the classroom? The answer to this question, I have found, has many different answers. Each teacher, in my opinion, has their set ways to teach, in which they believe is the right way. So no matter which answer you come up with, the person next to you might come up with a totally opposite answer. This explains why we ask this question in the first place. No one answer is exactly right. There are advantages and disadvantages to two different pedagogical means of which I will discuss: (1) The idea that teachers force issues on students and (2) The idea that teachers sit back and let the students be free to say what they feel. Education is one of the main ingredients in forming a successful society. Our education system here in the USA is very complex...

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...MY DREAM IS TO BECOME A TEACHER” The decision to enter a career in teaching is not something to be taken lightly. There are hundreds and hundreds of other careers to choose from. So I ask myself this question and ponder the reasons, why I want to become a teacher. Upon asking another teacher this question I got a quick response of June, July, and August. There has to be more to it than just summer vacation, right? Some of the other reasons people might give are such things like: they feel a calling to teach; a chance to positively impact the community; having a commitment to students; and being a good role model. But just what does all this mean to me and my pursuit to be an educator? Ultimately, I believe it will lead to a brighter future for me, and for my family. Let us take a little deeper look at some of the rewards of teaching. Everyone wants to be recognized for things they do in life, whether they are willing to admit it or not. I would love one day to have my name called out at an assembly to receive a certificate, plaque, or maybe even a banner, for being awarded Teacher of the Year. This would be a really great way to mark my accomplishments and distinguish myself among my colleagues. Teaching is not all about fame and recognition though. Knowing that I am doing a job that makes a difference, like teaching a child how to read and write, learn what respect is, and take responsibility for their actions will be meaningful...

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...Technology is the development over time of systematic techniques for making and doing things (Britannica Encyclopedia, 2001). According to the oxford dictionary; education is the process of training a person’s mind so that they can acquire knowledge. The combination of education and technology has been considered the main key to human progress. Education feeds technology, which in turn forms the basis for education (Fodje, 2006). The acquiring of knowledge allowed man to develop technological aid to make life easier. To date this same technology has impacted on the education industry in Jamaica. Technology has made a mark on Jamaica over the years; it is the fuel that drives Jamaica’s education industry at every level. Jamaica’s education model has four levels through which an individual can access or receive a formal education: Early Childhood Education; Primary Education; Secondary Education and Tertiary Education. At each stage of learning, technology has made a mark on students’ educational pursuits. At the Elementary stage of education, children between the ages of 2 – 6 years old are taught using audio visual aids. These are referred to as educational software; examples leapfrog and ‘my baby can read.’ These technological tools allow children to respond to audio and visual educational material. These mechanisms are tailored to gain the attention of children so that they learn prescribed lessons. By repeatedly listening to jingles and nursery rhymes from audio disc...

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Teachers Quality Teachers’ Quality as Correlates of Students Academic Performance in Biology in Senior Secondary Schools of Ondo State, Nigeria Akinfe E2, *Olofinniyi O.E1, and Fashiku C.O1 1 Department of Educational Administration and Planning, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. 2 Golden Apple College, Ode-Irele, Ondo State, Nigeria. Downloaded 30 August, 2012 Accepted 2 October, 2012 The study investigated teachers’ quality as correlates of students’ academic performance in Biology in senior secondary schools in Ondo State. To guide the study, four research questions were raised. The multi-stage sampling technique was used to collect data from two hundred teachers (200) as respondents. A validated questionnaire titled: Teacher Quality as Correlates of Student Academic Performance with the used of simple frequency counts and percentage for analysis. From the data analysis it was revealed that: the role of professionally qualified/trained teachers is an important teacher quality which enhances students’ academic achievement in biology, teaching methods adopted by the teachers significantly influence achievement of the behavior objectives. Several schools in the population of the study lacked modern instructional materials without which effective teaching and learning cannot be utilized and teachers’ experience significantly influence students academic performance; capacity building forms a major aspect of teachers’ experience that is yet to...

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...American Teacher The documentary American Teacher takes a deeper look inside the classrooms, buildings, and offices of these super heroes in education system called teachers. American Teacher tells the combined story by and about those closest to the issues in our educational system, the 3.2 million professional educators who spend every day in classrooms across the United States educating the adolescent minds. Through this film, it shares information about educational experts, student interviews, and documents day-by-day videos of struggling public school teachers. Why is it that our own people take for granted the gift of learning? Especially when there are people in the world who aren’t privilege to be educated. Why aren’t we valuing our strongest, most committed, and most effective teachers? How can the teachers teach if they aren’t supported? How will this effect how our children learn and the future of this country. Will the educational system only get worst? I found it unpleasant knowing that Erik Benner, the teacher from Texas who became a salesman and Jonathan Dearman who became a realtor, faded away from the profession due to compensation. It’s depressing when an ex-teacher is making more money selling cell phones than he was being a teacher. Jonathan Dearman story was one that touched me the most because he is a local guy from the Bay Area. He is someone who is only 45 miles away from home. From the interview of his previous student, he touched he life and he...

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...Cole Cannard Wr 115 Boring Teachers on Campus Picture yourself sitting in a classroom on the verge between a conscious state and a deep sleep, while a constant droning voice fills the background. You are in a college class trying to ingest valuable knowledge but just can’t seem to find anything worthy of interest in the teachings to even keep you awake. It’s as if the guy at the front of the class has been swinging a pendulum back and forth for the past hour. Many students have experienced these types of professors and have suffered in the grading department due to their lack of concentration during the dull class. These boring teachers waste the money you spent to take the course, provide a loss of potential knowledge and may even cause you to drop out of school. This is why these mind-numbing teachers need to be fired or at the very least made to wear a funny hat to keep the pupils attention. Yes, it may be harsh to say that these well educated monotonous passers of intelligence should be let go of their duties but it is the truth and nothing but the truth. The average college class costs around two or three hundred big ones to attend. Imagine what you can do with that much money, like buy a new toy or maybe pay half your months rent. Now imagine paying for a bad grade and no increase of intelligence whatsoever. That would tick me off a wee bit and I would be willing to drop a pretty penny to say that it would anger you as well. This is exactly what the average monotone...

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