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Team Leadership Memo Mgt/521

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Team Leadership Memo
Albert Johnson
January 27, 2014
Lloyd Krieger

In accordance with the company’s initiative toward entering a new marketplace, I have been asked to create this memo. Recently, I have been paired into a team with the assignment to meet the goals and expectations of the company. I, Albert Johnson, will team with Anthony Buglisi, Yoshika Middlebrooks, Timothy Ray and Latesha Wilkinson in order to attain the goals assigned to our group. We share a lot of similarities, while at the same time, maintain a status of being diverse individuals. By looking at the type of people we are, I think the best approach for us would be along the lines of a democratic atmosphere around our ideas around leadership.
The similarities of our group can allow for an easier time for agreement on various subjects. However, the differences in approach between us will help illuminate what the main issues are; that need addressing. Whereas Timothy and I are very creative on our toes for solutions, we sometimes are willing to take risks that could be detrimental to the company without our knowing. This is where Anthony and Yoshika’s worth comes especially in this group. Any idea that pops up can be disputed and dissected for its pros and cons by Anthony and Yoshika. Latesha’s value to the group is that she’s highly persuasive. Whatever idea the group decides to agree on, Latesha is convincing enough to sell the ideas to fellow employees for support and execution, our managers for approval and to our customers for patronage. However, Latesha won’t just promote any type of idea that we, as a group, come up with. It needs to make sense and be the best possible product for the group. Now this is not to state that Timothy can’t convince people to buy into any idea, or that Latesha won’t be of any help in any type of conversation on whether an idea works. I’m only...

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