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Teens and Sexuality

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Teens and Sexuality

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1……………..Negative Effects upon Girls
1……………..Negative Effects upon Babies
2…………….. Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases
5……………..Works Cited

26 October 2011

Teens and Sexuality

As a substitute teacher in the DeKalb County school system, I have observed actions and heard conversations that let me know that many students are sexually active and not shy about sharing that information. Recently, there was a disturbing, very graphic video displayed on YouTube of several DeKalb County students engaging in sexual activity on school property. Educators try hard to discourage such activities. However, many think it would benefit the students if teachers and administrators were to face reality and provide teens with condoms. If teenagers regularly use condoms this might prevent many pregnancies, thus lessening the number of unwanted children, and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

Teens in our society are increasingly sexually active. According to Jonathan Klein, writing in PEDIatrics Digest , 48% of teens are sexually active. In fact, according to statistics cited in “Babies having Babies,” 40% of young American women will get pregnant by age 20. These pregnancies often hamper the education of the expectant teen. Education may be put on hold when a teen becomes pregnant. Some pregnant teens will drop out of school. Others who were planning to attend college in the future may put off that experience after becoming pregnant. They may decide to focus on the baby or getting married rather than pursuing further education.

Furthermore, teenage pregnancy often causes unfavorable outcomes for the infant. Many of the babies born of teenage mothers have a low birth weight. According to J. A. Martin writing in “Births: Final Data for

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