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Terrible Twos


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Terrible Twos
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This paper will discuss the terrible twos. The discussion will focus on the main two behaviors that people see in toddlers who are about two years of age and where this behavior comes from. When referenced to real life situations that I myself have witnessed, the personality traits of toddlers is more clearly understood. Toddlers previous months in life are the foundation of how they will begin to act when they reach the age of two years old. When children reach the age of two they tend to display personalities of being either shy or rambunctious.

The lights start flickering on and off. It begins to thunder and lightning.
The baby begins to blow smoke out of his breath. The Terrible Two's have begun. In an episode of Dinosaurs, a popular television show, this is the dramatization that is represented as the youngest child turns two. Although a bit theatrical, it is close to the truth when describing the behavior of a child who is two years of age. Or maybe it isn't? When children reach the age of two they tend to display personalities of being either shy or rambunctious. Socialization is the process of being taught to live in the human community. In the U.S. a survey was done and it discovered that by age two parents were expecting their children to "share," "sit at the table," "brush your teeth," and "don't disobey, bite or hit (Belsky)." Socialization begins to come on strong and pressure is added to toddlers to demonstrate adult like behavior. These kind of rules and directions would cause a toddler to have a tantrum or even become shy. Toddlers who are shy tend to grow mentally different from those who are rambunctious. In the text book, Experiencing the Lifespan, there is a focus topic on how it is when a child is shy. Around 13 months it states

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