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Terror Through the Wire


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James Ferencsik
Cyber Attack

Somewhere in July of 2009, our enemy North Korea decided to launch a lucrative yet damaging cyber attack on the United States and South Korea. These attacks were accomplished by the use of a botnet. A Botnet is basically a large system of computers that are linked together that are violently attacked by some form of virus. Can be room to room, state to state, and even country to country. This attack was done in a total of three waves. The first wave which occurred on July 4th, targeted a mass number of important web sites. Of those attacked were the White House as well as Pentagon servers. The second wave which targeted South Korea only attacked the National Intelligence Agency, the Ministry of defense, and the Blue House(no idea what that is assuming its like the white house). The third attack which was a deadly blow attacked the U.S as well as South Korea’s stock exchange. This basically was an attack on the economy, economy is down defenses are down which can turn a hard target into a soft target. After investigation sources believe that this wasn’t a total attack of malice. Rather just a very bold statement, a “were not ones to fuck with” statement. This is an absolute fact because North Korea as well as Russia are two countries that really should not be played with. This attack happened in 2009, it is 2014 and nothing has changed. North Korea as well as Russia are two very military powerful countries. This attack could have been a hell of a lot worse, and thankfully it wasn’t. I watched a documentary on this once, and the person who planned it said it was very easy. We are in a time where cyber warfare is just as deadly as one fought with guns. This was a test of our strength and we failed, but you always learn from your mistakes and we did.

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