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That Woman Cried

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Title: That Woman Cried
Written by KyuSe7en501

Note: Forgive me if I ain’t good in writing. T_T
Twenty- fourth of January a woman appeared before my eyes. She was crying, really, really hard. I didn’t know what to do, I was at a total loss of words.
Since then, I started wondering why women cry; are they just fond of crying, or, do they cry for something men don’t understand?
As a man myself I want to know the answer. Not that I love to interfere with their sorrows but I just want to have my curiosity get answered. Do they cry for no reason?
Some people say women are beyond emotional. They cry because their hearts are soft, they also waste tears because they are partly weak, in comparison with men.
I thought those were enough for me to get my mouth closed. I thought those were the best answers for my questions. But then I realized I could discover it myself, and learn things up through women.
Months have passed since the day I found that woman crying; I finally got to see her again in a restaurant. She wasn’t crying at all, nor was she sad. She was all smiling --- so beautifully. Her wide smile made my heart filled with wonderfulness; She also had her hair pony tailed which made her long slender neck appear publicly. Those assets were so nice to see that I wanted to talk to her and get to know her better. She was so beautiful like a goddess.
Upon my amazement followed the complete sense of surprise. A man, with a child by his side, got an appearance toward the woman, sitting alone for almost half an hour. They faced each other after the man inclined to take a seat on the other chair in front of the centered table.
They talked for like an hour, another hour, till it came to three hours and a half. The foods I ordered that time were nevertheless untouched. I did eat nothing, just enjoying( not literally enjoying since I got my hands full of dust with all

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