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The Benefits of Obtaining a Degree

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The Benefits of Obtaining a Degree

Jason Patterson
December 14, 2014 Melissa Ortiz

The Benefits of Obtaining a Degree
Getting a degree can be a challenge. Long hours of study, plus high expense can lead one to assume that higher education may not be worth it. The positives to getting a higher education however, far outweigh the negatives. A college degree is the most valuable possession you could obtain. With a college degree, you become an asset; as an asset you can be paid top dollar in a job that you enjoy, meanwhile conquering your dreams and desires and filling your life with happiness.
Your abilities increase exponentially after receiving a degree. Throughout college you will be trained and tried in the art of research. By the time you graduate you will be so adept at researching, it will be almost impossible for you to not be able to find any information you seek. Whether you are looking for a job or making a smart purchase. You will know how to network and will attract peers that can assist you in furthering your career. With all of the networking you will have to do and people you will meet, you will also be undeniably better at communication. With all of these skills and many more that you will acquire throughout college, your self-confidence will rise to unknown levels. A valuable asset is what businesses look for, and a valuable asset is what you will be.
A college degree can be described as a key. Once you have earned a degree, doors that seemed locked before will swing unfettered. Not only will job opportunities be abundantly available, but also the more education that you acquire the more pay you will receive. According to Oreopoulous, and Petronijevic (2013), “In 2011, bachelor's degree holders earned about 67 percent more than those with only a high school education.” (p. 46). The more knowledgeable you are in your field, the more...

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