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The Day I Lost My Hero


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The Day I Lost My Hero

On Sunday of August 24, 2003 my life went through a dramatic change. I was ten years old, and I was in my room getting ready for bed. My mother and my sister were in the den going over my sister’s science homework. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. My Uncle Bryon and some police officers came over to speak to my mother. They took her outside and they tried to explain to her that my father was killed in a motorcycle accident. She started to weep as soon as she heard the news. I was in my bed sleeping when this incidence was taking place. I went to the den and asked my sister what’s going on. She said she didn’t know. I asked her what if something happened to our father. She hit me and told me to be quite and not to ever think like that again. I kept on thinking in my head that she was right and our father was fine and nothing was wrong. As my sister was walking back into the living room, I followed her to see what was happening. We walked by the door and heard my mother weeping even harder. She told my uncle and the other police officers, “Please, please you have got to help me explain to my children that Andrew is dead. Please.” At that time I did not know what to do or say. My sister fell out for a few minutes and I was crying my little heart out. All I could think about at that time was who was going to take me to football practice and who was going to love me and teach me how to be a man. Sad to say I found out not only was my father dead but also my hero. When my sister woke up a few minutes later, there were family members all over the house. They tried to encourage us and tell us that everything will be all right.. Since my father was a police officer, the policemen came over to see if we were ok, and comforted us in our time of need. After this incidence my grades dropped, I was very angry, and I didn’t care for nothing and no one anymore. My attitude got the best of me. My mother told me that my dad would not want for me to proceed this way. He would want for me to succeed whether he was here or not. Thinking about what my mother said, I decide to turn my life around and get on the right path. I first started off with forgiveness. I forgave the woman who accidentally killed my father. My attitude changed because I allowed love to come back into my heart. My grades came up and I became active in football again. Now that I am older, my life has changed for the better. Like my father said “life is what you make it.” You choose if you want to succeed or not, it is your decision. I chose the path of excellent and determinations to make it in this world and by keeping my dreams alive and by staying focus on my goals. I know that’s what best for me.
My father would approve my goals and the positive decisions that I am making in my life. Life is what you make it; I’m planning on living my life to the fullest just like my father would want me to. So now I am going to make my life and my dream into a triumphant one. In order to be successful in life you have to put God first and have a positive attitude about life.

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