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The Dream Act Pros And Cons

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As a civil rights leader, who has tirelessly fought for the equal rights for African Americans in education, employment, etc. It is only fair to introduce the DREAM Act to do the same for another oppressed group, such as immigrant children, who wish to seek an opportunity to better their lives and their families’ lives.
The DREAM Act, or the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors, aids in providing a path to citizenship to illegal immigrant children by obtaining a degree from an institution of a higher education or through military service. It is only available to immigrant children that arrived in the United States before their sixteenth birthday along with being a resident for at least five years, obtained a high school diploma …show more content…
The public opinion becomes positive because it reinforces the United States’ moral for anyone to live the American Dream. It also improves public opinion because it allows these immigrant children to seek options to attend college or university and obtain a legal status; an idea that they could never dream of happening for them. They are given the opportunities to seek employment, obtain a driver’s license, and travel authorization. Furthermore, it promotes corrective measures into obtaining a legal immigration status and eliminates the threat of incredibly talented individuals from being deported. Additionally, it gives “tens of thousands of high-qualifying, well-educated young people” to give back to the country that has them so many opportunities to become a better person.
The DREAM Act also improves the United States image in the international system, since it reinforces its promoting equality and human rights to its occupants. With its passage, the United States complies with “international human rights standards for the treatment of children by recognizing the special needs of undocumented

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