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How to Participate in Discussions

How to Participate in Discussions
In this tutorial, we will review how to participate in discussions in the classroom.
To access the discussions within the classroom, click on the discussion thread link within the weekly content area. This link will take you directly to the discussion prompt. Example of Discussion Link

To reply in a discussion thread, move your mouse over the Reply link within the thread. Additional options such as Edit, Quote, and Delete will appear. In order to reply to the thread, click on Reply, and then enter your reply to the assigned discussion topic in the message box.
Reply Button

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Key Items in the Discussion Text Box

How to Participate in Discussions

It is strongly recommended that you enter an original subject for your reply in order to provide easier navigation. To do so, update the text in the subject box. If at any point you need to clear your reply, you can click on the Cancel button in the upper right or lower right corner.
While replying to a discussion thread, you can also save a draft and return at a later time to complete your reply. To do so, click on the Save Draft button in the upper right or lower right corner. You will then be directed back to the discussion thread, and you can view your reply with the word Draft next to it.
Example of a Draft in a Discussion Thread

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How to Participate in Discussions

To open and complete your reply that you saved as a draft, click on the Edit button.
Please note that saved drafts can only be seen by the author. Not even instructors can see their students’ saved drafts. As a result, saved drafts will not count as submitted published replies.
Example of a Discussion Text Box- Editing a Draft

You will now see your reply and can continue to construct it. When you are ready to submit your reply, click on Submit. Keep in mind that student submissions cannot be edited once submitted. Only instructors or university administrators can edit submitted posts. Finally, confirm that your reply often called a post or posting, appears in the list.
You can reply to other class members’ posts one of them by locating the post and then clicking on the Reply button at the bottom of the post, just as you would when replying to the initial discussion prompt.
Congratulations, you have now completed the How to Participate in Discussions tutorial. © 2015 University of Miami and Laureate Education, Inc.

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