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The Current War in Afghanistan Portfolio
Causes: In 2001 Afghanistan was controlled by the Taliban. Under Taliban rule, Afghanistan had become home to various terrorist organizations/groups who trained and planned operations from the country. One of those organizations was called Al-Qaeda and were an extremist Islamic terror group lead by Osama Bin Laden. During the 90's they had carried out various attacks against US targets including bombing embassies and warships. Although, their previous activities were nothing compared to the amount of damage and huge loss of life suffered during 9/11. This left The world in disbelief and the population of the United states wanting justice. The various intelligence agencies were then able to workout that the attacks had been planned and organized from Afghanistan. This lead to George Bush declaring a war on terror and identified Afghanistan as their primary target.
United States Involvement: The war in Afghanistan started in October 2001 when American and British forces invaded the country with the aim of arresting the Al-Qaeda leadership, including Bin-laden, removing the Taliban government from power who had harbored the terrorists and refused to co-operate. The operation was partly successful as Al-Qaeda's training camps were destroyed and several key leaders were killed although the main leader, Bin-Laden managed to escape. The Taliban government was then removed from power relatively quickly. The problem came with the fact that the Taliban were not willing to go without a fight and went into hiding in neighboring Pakistan and the mountains to the south. Over the years their numbers grew and they used gorilla warfare tactics to much success.
Setting: Some countries involved in the current war even since 2002 in Afghanistan include: Afghanistan, United States, Israel and Russia. The countries that are against us in…...