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Sustainable Human Resource Management: Is it the future or just an interesting theory?
The purpose of this work was to understand whether sustainable human research management is a solution for the future of HRM. For this reason a research was made regarding the concept of sustainability, its relationship with HRM, and some early versions of how this concept might work. The research showed that while the general knowledge of this perspective idea has been around for a few decades, researchers have only covered some of the basics about this topic. The research also demonstrated some of the positive implications this idea could inflict if it could actually be successful implemented. From the results it can be concluded that while this is still a raw idea, the recent economic struggles will force organizations to plan ahead and figure out how to achieve sustainability.
A green and healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular all around the world: people are sorting and recycling almost everything after it has been used for the first time, companies are looking for ways to look out for the environment, and governments are spending huge amounts of funds on developing alternatives for oil and other natural resources. People are starting to realize that they cannot continue living like they have for the last couple of centuries; they are starting to think about the future. All of this is being done in order to preserve the most valuable thing that the world has – life. People have been and always will be what sets this planet apart from thousands of others. People are also the most important part of companies and enterprises. Before the 2008 financial crisis the people were not the most important part of the companies – money and resources were only on company owner’s minds. But, after the economic crisis, a large amount of companies...

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