The Hell Debate

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The Hell Debate


Dr. Marshall Wicks


Fundamental Theological Issues


Ritchie Moore

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August 9, 2011

This paper definitely has an interesting topic, the nature of Hell. In the next couple of pages I’m hoping to explain why I believe there is a hell and what that entails, with a little help from some other documentation and beliefs.
Growing up I think everyone has their own perspective of that place. Christians unquestionably think about hell a lot differently than unbelievers. One of the biggest point is that there are some people that use hell as a swear word. I imagine Christians would consider hell to be something more than just a bad word, it could be the worst place that a person could ever go after they die. As everyone knows our beliefs are part of the good news of God. God wants us to love him freely, He loves us and wants to be loved in return. Love cannot be forced, it has to be given freely and hell represents the possibility of saying no to God finally. Hell is not God’s choice as much as it is ours. Hell is more about refusing life than suffering punishment, because God loves us even in his judging of us.[1] It has been said that hell is a spiritual and material furnace of fire where its victims are delicately tortured in their minds and in their bodies, by God, the devils, and damned humans including themselves. Harsh as it may seem, traditionalists see any challenge to this position as diminishing the glory of the divine judgment, taking away from the dignity of our immortality, and making hell less of a punishment than it actually is.
Several critics to the traditional views to hell have come up with questions about the beliefs and…...