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The Hunting Ground

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In a society where social problems can be found everywhere, there is one that impacts those on college campuses. Sexual assault on college campuses is an epidemic that has affected hundreds and thousands of college students. The Hunting Ground is a documentary that discusses sexual assault on campus and how some college administrators inadequately handled the claims by their students. Sexual assault on campuses a problem that is affecting many women and men throughout the county and the world.
In order to fully understand the social problem claim that is being made, one must examine the grounds, warrants, and conclusions of sexual assault on campuses. The beginning stage of the social problem process is to create the grounds of the claim.
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In addition, the film chose survivors and victims who people can easily relate to— athletic, smart, and sociable people. This makes the issue more real and that it could happen to anyone. In order to make the grounds for the claim, they also give it a name. Throughout the film, the social problem—sexual assault on campuses— was referred to as an epidemic that needed to be stopped. By labeling it as an epidemic, it became a very real issue that many college students are likely to face during their time at college. Various statistics were featured during the film and the majority of them were backed by studies. For example, the documentary stated that about “16% of women in college will be sexually assaulted while attending, 8% of men in college commit 90% of sexual assault crimes, and that 1 in 4 female college students will be victims of sexual assault” (The Hunting Ground). These stats fail to mention the chances of a man being sexually assaulted and that the ratio for women being victims has most likely changed since the 1980s when the statistic was first …show more content…
For instance, The Hunting Ground warrants this claim by justifying that it goes against the value of protecting the vulnerable. The majority of the men and women who were sexually assaulted were rendered powerless against their attacker. It can be inferred that society views women and some men as vulnerable based on this warrant. Also, the film and those involved reassert that colleges and law reinforcement must take the claims seriously. College administrators are expected to provide a safe environment for the students and this includes ensuring that those accused of crimes are adequately prosecuted. This suggests that a large number of universities do not care for the well-being on the student population. Furthermore, the conclusions of the social problem claim— sexual assault on campuses— must be examined. The documentary focuses on two girls—Annie and Andrea— fight the administrators at UNC to have their sexual assault reports taken seriously. They, along with other survivors, filed a Title IX report against the college for not providing a safe and equal learning environment. As a result, the Board of Education took the case, and later opened similar cases against more than 100 universities. In addition to this, survivors of sexual assault protested on their campus for the removal of their attackers. People can also help put a stop to sexual assault and ensuring

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