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The Hyudai Group

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The Hyundai Group
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The Hyundai Group
TIME CONTEXT: Year 1987POINT OF VIEW: Chung Se-Yung, Chairman of the Hyundai Group of Companies.MAIN PROBLEM:Hyundai Group adopted and had been into practice the authoritarian style of management. Without taking into consideration the fact that during the last two decades of dynamic growth in operations; their management style hindered their evolution .SECONDARY PROBLEM :1. With the rising competition and swelling demands from Korea’s more independent youth generation, Hyundai’s strategies of low wages and hard work were no longereffective.2. The reported labor rebellion at Ulsan that were participated by 2000 Hyundaiworkers since December 1988.3. Hyundai started to move away from Korea’s slumping construction and shipbuilding industries and faced a troubled transition to a high-tech , high-wagedfuture.COMPANY OBJECTIVES :To gradually transform leadership strategies to meet the demands of the times and thedemands of an increasingly complex socio-economic structure that was under going tremendousflux, and a high return on investments as an added incentive. SWOT ANALYSIS :STRENGTHS :1. As according to Ibrahim , Hyundai construction crews at work are like disciplined ,para-military , single-minded , self-sufficient machine.2. Working fourteen-hour shifts and seven-day weeks , the construction crews do theirfaster than anyone else.3. Hyundai Chairman’s audacity, determination , and imagination remained to be a trademark of the man as the financial stakes multiplied.WEAKNESSES :1. The stagnation of the ratio of profits to revenue in recent years and the marginalpossibility that overseas construction and shipbuilding be ever regain their formerglory.2. The continued bout of labor strife has hurt production and created an image of acompany unwilling to change with the times.3. Hyundai as one of the largest construction companies in the Middle East , bid on aprojects first and learned how to build it later.4. Hyundai had invested heavily in Hyundai Electronics , its semiconductor subsidiarywhich had been a disappointment.OPPORTUNITIES :1. Hyundai consistently landed major civil contracts and Chung became one of theprivileged business leaders.

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