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The Influence of Blackberry Mobile Phone

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MAY, 2012

The study assumed that youths no longer have boundaries as to when and where to use and not to use the mobile device and thus, It sought to explore the influence of blackberry mobile on Nigerian students. The research was conducted to study the influence of blackberry mobile phone on the students’ lifestyle. The theoretical basis of the study hinged on technological determinism theory and social presence theory. The quantitative method was employed and a survey research design was used with the aid of the questionnaire as a tool for data collection to elicit information from the respondents. 324 respondents were purposefully selected. The respondents cut across all six departments (Mass Communications, Geography& Planning, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology and Economics) in the Faculty of social science. 24 questionnaires were dropped from the analysis on the count of incomplete data entry at the respondent end. Therefore, the analysis presented is for the remaining 300 questionnaires i.e n= 300. The findings revealed that Blackberry mobile phone influenced the lifestyle of more than half (180) 60% of the respondents, the male respondents 96 (32%) were more influenced compared to the female respondents 84 (28%) and the male respondent (52%) couldn’t do without the Blackberry mobile for a day as compared to the female, (48%). The research found that Blackberry mobile phone had influence on the lifestyle of its users. Within all duration of usage the highest influence of Blackberry mobile phone on respondents lifestyle were those who have had their mobile for less than 6 months, a total of (66) 22% respondent agreed and strongly agreed that their lifestyle had been influenced. Those...

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