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Social networks gave a big help to everyone, especially among the students businessman and other members of the society. Social networks has different features that may enjoy by the people all around the world, what the problem is, people loses their self-control in using them.
Facebook is the most popular social networking site today wherein people may share and upload videos, pictures, messages and chat. Twitter is also famous to every people nowadays wherein people can share their feelings, thoughts and ideas. Through twitter, they can easily be connected to their favorite celebrities and they can also be updated on what is trend all around the world. Aside from these two, Tumbler, MySpace, and Bing also became a raging craze to everyone. Social networking communities will definitely stay due to its millions of users. In addition, students today stay on these accessibilities of information they may get in social networks. Social network may help them in giving knowledge in thesis and journals but still negative effects of this still overweighs especially about losing their self-control.
Social networks bring a big benefit about communication because through this we can easily communicate our loved ones despite of the geographic distance. Social network may also help celebrities to be more contact to their fans because through these sites they can easily post what are the recent happenings about them. Through social networks we can be updated in every happening not just in celebrities but also the recent updates to our country and also in the whole world.
Social networking sites can be a good way to make connections with people who has similar interests and goals. Communication is one of the main things why social networking had been viral. Social networking sites are the huge place to gather information on what is trending nowadays. Trending topics regards celebrities, politics, sciences, technologies, discoveries and amazing facts.
Businessmen have noticed also the value of social networks in our life that’s why they used it to promote their products. Social marketing was often used at the present time due to people used social networks frequently.
Social networks is not always good for us because other people use it inappropriate way wherein some people are posting pornographies sites and nude photos that frequently students may see.
Many studies have shown that the extensive use of social networks can actually cause addiction to the users. Students tend to focus on cyber games that block the focus on their studies. A person gets lazy of works due to over usage of social networking sites and online games.
Foreign Literature Age certainly become an important factor for social networking sites, it supports the life phase concepts. Some people get attracted to these sites and encourage other people to connect within families, friends, teachers and students. Social networking sites become viral multigenerational that even young people became attracted. MySpace nowadays has historically been a youth sit, helped by its musical orientation and profile customizations, MySpace has been adopted majority by us teens, creating peer pressure for the remainder to join, in addition to likely pool of online friends and acquaintances connect to. An additional benefits to this computer-mediated communication to the youths was the ability to socialize online after school relatively safe atmosphere, avoiding the often (forbidden) shopping mall visits of earlier generations. Gender is also important; MySpace seems to support cross-gender friendship compared to the real world. Boyd and Elison define social networks as web-based services that allow the individuals to 1.) Create a public or mid-public profile within the bounded system. 2.) Choose list of people who used SNS’s with whom they share connection. 3.) New other list of connections and those made by others within the system.

Foreign Related Studies
Social Networking nowadays was a huge influence among the internet system. For some people, computers are considered vital on a daily basis. This had cause to many people become computer addicts to this great service. Now, we see almost in every social places providing Wi-Fi service. Also, with all the great technology now days we no longer have to carry a laptop to places to use the internet, phones have immense technology access. Currently, people can use their phones to update their social page. Also people who have some level of social addiction like or find pretty interesting and getting to know everything about their friends through the monitors of their computers and cell phones. Hanging out with friends was not often considered by teens. Many people became addicted to social networks due to the fact that it is very popular among not only young people but adult people too. It is also an easy access to communicate, and it is entertaining. Although, its important purpose to people is to keep in touch with their family, friends, and old friends that one may have lost touch with. Addiction to these internet websites became a problem once it starts to affect their daily life.
According to Pamaoukaghion (2055-2010) Social Network Addiction was first known as a psychological disorder around the world, also internet addiction lead to social network addiction. According to Young (2009) Social Networking can be compare as the same as being addicted to drugs or alcohol. Internet addiction is big cause of social network addiction because people started to explore the internet and by that started visiting social network websites and by that people when to internet addiction to social network addiction. Social networks addiction can also lead to many problems such as problems with family, work, and friends. According to Pamaoukaghion (2005-2010) Facebook is one of the most famous visited social network website. There are many levels of social network addiction, some of the levels are for emotional low self-confidence, and scared to be exposed personally Pamaoukaghion (2005-2010) (paragraps#4-5). People with low self-esteem are most likely to fall into social network addiction because of the unstable social expose with people in person. According to Pamaoukaghion (2055-2010) in a study from the University of Athens, psychiatrists discuss about a woman who lost her job because of being online on a social network websites. The discussion was about this situation of the women that it could be a sign of social network addiction.
According to Cheever (2009), there are five signs that may signal one has type of social network addiction. 1.)when one is sleeping late at night spending time on social networks, 2) when a person spends more than an hour in social networking sites, 3)when one disregards work including school work,4) and also being stressed when you start your day without even using social networks. One of the most popular sign that you are really became addicted in social network is when you start to break your schedule and focuses your mind only in social networks.. Although this information may find totally normal to some people or may sound alarming to their daily living, according to Hardie, E (2007) “High internet use was related to high levels of emotional loneliness, but low levels of social loneliness”. What this means is people who suffers from emotional distress tend to be addicted in social networks because this sites serves a great connection between people. Some people have social network addiction because of their anxiety of communicating with other people personally. In the primary research conducted for this Literature Review in February 2011 a survey, some of the results where that many students at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) see Social Network Addiction as an interest nowadays. This is because students used the Social Network as a way to communicate better and easier with their friends by seeing it has the new fashion to have a social network website to express them and communicate other than sending an email through their school accounts. In the survey, many of the students at UTEP answer that they see Social Networking as a hobby, they add that people should learn to control and limit it. According to the survey, students already seems to know that they have an addiction but some of them don’t take it seriously since it not a big critical on their health. Also according to the survey only 3 out of the 10 students asked to answer the survey were interested on how they can fix their early signs of Social Network Addiction. The rest according to the survey didn’t seem to be interested even though they have shown and know early signs of the addiction. They seem to care more about their social lives and reputation on the internet. Some solutions that Cheever (2007) suggests is to try to find medical support if symptoms of social network addiction are getting noticing from closed relatives such as family members. It is important to also people who notice this type of behavior for example with teenagers, parents should know the correct approach to correct or at least lowering the levels of addiction of their teenager by having open conversation and try to be has supportive as possible. It is important to be supportive because that way the person affected by the addiction can feel more confident to become stronger to manage their addiction. According to Cheever (2007) family should spend a lot of time going out than using social networks so that it may avoid social network addiction. Also Cheever (2007) recommends used the reward system works is like setting a goal, complete the goal and then reward yourself, and finally Cheever (2007) states to make an effort to stay offline, to be mature about the recovery that it takes to become successful to fight back Social Network Addiction. Social Network Addiction is a psychological disorder, where in almost all around the world people reaches internet access. It is known that internet addiction leads to social network addiction. The signs of social network addiction are very easy to recognize but the person that is affected by the addiction is the one that notices it the first time but does not seem to pay attention to it since they do not identify internet use as a psychological disorder. The people that are affected by this addiction are mostly the ones that have social insecurities, but also the other people see it as a hobby, but in reality they are being affected by the psychological disorder. Some solutions of social networking are to be able to do physical activities: like going out with friends, family, playing sports, or just to spending more quality time with family. One recommendation is to be able to control oneself, in the survey conducted in February 2011 many students added at the end of the survey that one strategy to control their addiction to social network websites is to manage their time and create a schedule or set a strict time schedule. Social network addictions are growing more and more as technology keeps progressing.
Justification of the study The studies and literature that had been written above was based on internet and studied by the researchers. The words above are concisely revised by the researchers and absolutely not imitated by the writers of the indicated articles.

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