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The Joy Luck Club Analysis

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Do you live your life up to the fullest? Saying as if you have high expectations for yourself or your parents expect you to be the best in whatever you do. Sometimes kids don’t want to live up the expectations of their parents because they can’t live it up to the fullest. Like in Amy Tan's “Rules of the Game” and Bissinger’s “Dreaming of Heroes”, the kids parents wanted them to meet the expectations they wanted them to achieve, but they couldn’t live it up. In my next few paragraphs, I’m going to tell how the parents in those chapters affect their children life.
In “Rules of the Game” from Amy Tan’s novel The Joy Luck Club, Lindo Jong wanted Waverly, her daughter, to learn how to play chess because it relates a lot to life. Waverly didn’t want
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Don thought his father was pushing him just to push him, but he was pushing for something he could actually accomplish one day, “I got him to live through, and that’s something pretty special”(Bissinger 84). Mike wasn’t that good under pressure and being as good as the people in Odessa wants him to be because they expected him to have a good season. Mike also didn’t have too much confidence in himself when it came down tight game situations. Mike would overthrow his receivers and would throw interceptions. His teammates didn’t have confidence in Mike either. And Mike felt like he was letting his father down whenever he made a mistake because when his father died, he felt like it was his fault.
In both books, they both had their differences. In “Joy Luck Club” they had to do things because of their culture traditions. In “Friday Night Lights” the parents was really expecting their kids to be like they was when they was in high school. Kids sometimes couldn’t live up to the expectations their parents wanted them too. Sometimes people will need to just let life come to

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