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The Key to a Healthy Life


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Many may wonder what the key to a healthy life style might be. There are many answers for this question depending on who is asked, but there is one thing they will all have in common, physical fitness. In today’s society, there are many different ways of achieving physical fitness. These can range from the popular circuit training P-90X DVD’s, Cross Fit gyms, running or cycling, swimming, old school body builder gyms, yoga centers, regular fitness centers, or just good old fashion recreational sports. There is something out there for everyone, but it is up to each individual to find out what suits his or her lifestyle the best. An individual must also know his or her physical limitations so that he or she does not strain the body or incur more serious injuries. Physical fitness is an amazing thing, it helps the participant feel better physically, perform better mentally, and transforms the human body visually.

Being physically fit is something that is somewhat overlooked in today’s society. It is constantly preached that if a person exercise’s regularly he or she will feel better. This is true, but it is important for that person to know his or her physical limitations when exercising. Exercise must be done on a regular basis and ascend gradually to be effective. If someone overstrains his or her body he or she will be tired, sore, and lose the drive to continue exercising. The key is for them to gradually build their way up to intense physical activity, sporadic sprints will only strain his or her body. Exercising causes the heart, lungs, and muscles to work harder, which will in turn, increase their strength, stamina, and longevity. From the writings of Hippocrates, “That which is used, develops; that which is not used, wastes away.” (Simon 4). Once the body gets accustomed to a routine it takes less effort to accomplish and higher goals can be set and

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