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The Lancaster Family Analysis

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The Lancaster family resides in San Francisco, California, in a two story home. One head of the household, Siren, is currently 39 years old. During her college years, she studied in the medical field and is currently a full-time pediatric surgeon in a hospital near their home. In a previous, unstable relationship, she had Alexine, the youngest child in the family. Alexine, who is now 14 years old, happily lives with her two mothers and older brother. Copeland is Siren’s wife; she’s a 35 year old photographer who also works full-time. They met after they both left college; Copeland had no past relationships and children prior to their meeting. Soon after they got married, Copeland and Siren adopted Macsen from Ireland in 2012 for him to fulfill …show more content…
However, when money is deducted, the McClain family receives a net yearly income of $110,240. The majority of it goes to federal income taxes ($26,775.50), while state income taxes ($13,829.10) follows closely behind. $8,450 goes to retirement, and $7,254 goes to Social Security. The least amount of money goes to Medicare ($2,450.50). In my opinion, the government has a right in taxing people’s income. Overall, it helps cities grow, and betters the lives of many. For example, with tax money, roads can be paved and education greatly increases. Most likely, the Lancasters would benefit from this. If citizens (including the Lancasters) didn’t give money to the government, how would they get any? How would cities, states, or the U.S. thrive? The government doesn’t take all of your money- only some- so why fret about it? In a way, people are only getting a positive consequence from paying taxes, even though they may not realize it right away.
The Lancaster family’s two-story home is located San Francisco, California. It’s about 2,500 square feet, and was built in 1924. There are five bedrooms and three bathrooms total, and it’s completed with a modern …show more content…
Their net monthly income ($9,174) is enough to support all four people and three pets in the home. The two story, five bedroom, and three bathroom home they own is easily affordable for them; the monthly cost (a total of mortgage, property tax, and insurance) is $3,355. Their 2006 Ford Mustang, although a simple car, is still able to fit the entire family at once; the monthly cost is $546. Even though they spend quite a lot on groceries ($1,397 a month), it doesn’t have a huge impact on money loss, similar to the utilities and miscellaneous costs; utilities are a total of $574 a month, which includes quality phones, internet, television, water, and electricity. Miscellaneous costs, on the other hand, come to large total of $2,865. The family spends enough money on entertainment, clothing, and special occasions to have a stress free life full of leisure, and it’s evident that the children of the family have quality education (it’s $400 a month). They’re able to afford medical, dental, household item, and repair costs, so emergencies are hassle free in their

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