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The Pros And Cons Of The Foster Care System

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Foster care is an arrangement where a minor is placed under the care of a group home, ward or private home that has been certified by the government. There have been concerns that foster care services has inadequately delivered a high-quality of care for minors, and after so much criticism society has questioned the future reliability of foster care services. Much criticism has been directed toward the inadequacy of key requirements which has in turn undermined the success of foster care. The foster care system has been facing problems relating to finances, little or no training to the care givers, and inadequate access to respite are (Reinhard, Gien, Petlick, & Bemis, 2008). In addition, the children under this care achieve little in their education and development is below average. The aim of this paper is to analyze the inadequacies facing the foster care system, the effect these inadequacies have on children and adolescents in foster care, and theories coined for explaining these problems. …show more content…
Many of these findings are of great concern to society and even more so to birth parents, foster parents and the children that have been placed in foster care. Almost 50 percent of children placed under foster care in the U.S. have poor access to quality education immediately after they enter into the foster care system (National Working Group on Foster Care and Education, 2014). Every year more than 75% of children are reported not to have remained in their previous schools after being placed under the foster care. In addition, a substantial number of children transfer in the middle of the term, a case that greatly affects their

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