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Homw School vs Public School


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It seems unfair that you were handed such a poor topic for a persuasive speech as Anit-Homeschooling surely is. It’s kind of hard to be ‘persuasive’ without facts and statistics to back up your (assigned) stance. And, unfortunately (for the sake of your assignment, at least), the only *statistics* and *facts* out there put homeschooling in a decidedly favorable light.

What you *will* find are mere opinion pieces arguing against homeschooling. However, keep in mind these articles provide no substantiating evidence to support their “anti-homeschooling” stance. Such articles, unfortunately (for your assignment, at least), are based on mere myths--some of which have been expressed right HERE by some of your responders. To wit:

A) quote:“Home schooled people [will] be passed over for someone that has been through a school that has testing standards as well as requirments (sic) and guidlines (sic) for the teachers them selves.”
Wrong. Homeschooled students consistently outperform public school students on standardized tests. [ and elsewhere]

Moreover, it is no secret that our public schools are failing and that we are far behind other industrialized nations in academic achievement. See:

Public High Schools Failing: Colleges Now Spend Billions On Remedial Classes For Freshmen What’s Wrong With Our Schools
Dropout Nation B) quote: “It is also not likely that a home schooled person would ever get into a college other than a tech school with out some type of back ground in a school that tracks your grades and accomplishments.”
Wrong again. In fact, homeschoolers do exceptionally well

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