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The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love


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How do I think television affects your psychology or that of someone I know?

James Sudler
August 15, 2012
Psychology 1010

How do I think television affects your psychology or that of someone I know?
Television as we know it has brought much attention to society, regardless to it being positive or negative. Honestly, in my opinion, the negative attention that television brings can be explained with psychology. But on the positive side of things, television and psychology can show and explained how people response to different situations. As we all know, psychology plays a very big role in our cognitive thinking. We are taught how to live life through experiences or someone’s opinion. In this paper I will show you how television and psychology plays big with children and adults.
When a child is watching cartoons, all children think it is okay to hit another individual with a bat, a rock, or any type of weapon, until that child is told that it is not okay. Psychology it affects a child’s thinking, when they are not properly being trained to do the right thing. When children sit in front of a television for more than six to eight hours, we must ask ourselves who are teaching our children? Certain shows teach children things that are not true. For examples, the cartoon, Popeye the Sailor, teaches children if they eat a can of spinach, instantly he/she will become strong just like he does and can beat his opponent without breaking a sweat. Now we simply know this is not realty. It takes proper health care of the body and eating a well balance nutrient diet, and body building classes to achieve this goal. Another television show children may watch today, because I know I did growing up as a child, was the Happy Days. There was this one character that made everything look cool. His fashion statement with the high water jeans, black paddon leather

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