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The Rise of Eels

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Bio 46 AIDS and Other Emerging Diseases, S ‘13 Prof. Sherryl Broverman, Rm 307B Biological Sciences, 668-0228; Office hours: Wed 3-4:30pm Teaching Assistants: Ning Sui,, office hours, Friday 1-2:30, FFSC 3108 Stacy Scholle,, office hours Tues 3-4:30, Bio Sci 251 Neha Bahkai,, office hours Monday 1:15-2:45, von der Hadyn Texts AIDS: Science and Society, 6th ed (abbreviated AIDS on syllabus) Race Against Time, Lewis, 2nd edition (abbreviated “Race” on syllabus) 28 Stories of AIDS in Africa (abbreviated as “28” on syllabus) Readings listed on Sakai, TBA Course Website: I will post on the site course rules, announcements, optional readings, changes to the syllabus etc, as needed. There are also assigned readings posted on Sakai.Any email sent to your Duke email as listed on the website will count as official notification. Lectures: Attend! People who come to class always do better, aren’t surprised by the exams and generally are more interesting people. Much of the exams are based on lecture notes and discussions, plus there will be planned activities during class time. Interact! Please feel free to ask a question at any time, anything from a penetrating, insightful probe into the material to “can you please repeat that?” Also, please meet with me or one of the TAs whenever you have a question, comment, etc. If you cannot make any of the office hours, please make an appointment. Lunch! There will be a sign-up sheet for lunch with me at an arranged time to talk about HIV, the class, or life at Duke. Or let me know what time works for you! (Or come by my office for chocolate...)...

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