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The Statue Of Liberty Analysis

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Text: The Statue of Liberty
Porsche, M. F. (2008). The statue of liberty. Orlando, FL: Rigby.
Reading level: L (Fountas & Pinnell)
This book gives the history of the statue of liberty and the importance of the statue in America. This Descriptive text describes how the statue has greeted immigrants as they arrive into New York Harbor for over 100 years, and then explains the purpose of the statue now.
The New York State Social Studies Framework specifically mentions how the Statue of Liberty greeted immigrants arriving in New York City as they entered New York Harbor, and because of this, it is imperative that my student understands the importance and significance of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. …show more content…
The text complexity is not as high as some of the other books I have selected, and because of this I believe that this book would be the perfect choice for him to read on his own. This descriptive fact based book will aid my student in viewing how Europeans immigrated to America in the 1900s, and this example of immigration can be added to his preexisting schema of what immigration is, and how immigrants felt as they left their home countries and began to sail to the New …show more content…
(n.d.). Retrieved from
This online resource is a two-minute video that discusses the conditions immigrant children were forced to endure as they participated in child labor, as well as how the formation on labor unions and workers going on strike managed to outlaw children from working in sweatshops or factories.
Many immigrants that came to the United States entered the country with the goal of accomplishing the American Dream, however life in the United States was not everything immigrants imagined. Many immigrants lived in cramped apartments and worked low paying factory jobs to keep a roof over their heads, but oftentimes even this was not enough, and because of this, children were oftentimes sent off to work in factories or sweatshops. This short video consists of audio explaining the conditions children were forced to work in, and photographs that link this real event to actual people and

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