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The Usa Patriot Policy Paper

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The USA Patriot policy paper
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The USA Patriot policy paper
The Patriot policy developed, after the horrible events of 9/11 attacks. It was in power to ensure that Americans would never have to deal with a tragedy as such again happening, to our beloved society and citizens. That we will protect and secure from the United States enemies and will be better equip, to prevent threats and attacks that are foreign and domestic. A paper we will discuss our point, of view of the Patriot Act and the related legislation that deal with the following areas. Like the Societal implications of the USA PATRIOT law and similar legislation limiting daily behaviors. Next are the worries associated to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and beliefs as they identify with police agencies and security services. After that are the effect with technology and globalization and the balance of individual rights against public safety. Another is the influence of domestic and international terrorism about federal agencies also private security companies, and lastly is the conclusion.
Societal implications of the USA PATRIOT Act and related legislation limiting daily behaviors
For some of the citizens of the United States, the Patriot Act has no tangible impact on them. Although groups feel that, it could be harsh effects on constitutional rights. The theory of the patriot act can give the government more freedom to spy on citizens and use the argument within their case that the people they are spying on having links or are a part of terrorist groups. There are some instances indications that provision made a fishing expedition amid the groups of people who suspected of terrorism based on ethnicity or their religion. Then the NSA reports of privacy violations with the phone records of all of the American citizens. This and other problem from the patriot act...

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