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Theories of Communication in Latin America

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This paper aims to describe and analyze the main theoretical currents of communication in Latin America from two main aspects: first, the current state of research and production on the subject exists in some Latin American countries and on the other, the sense that scores from the beginning of the last decade, the curriculum reform in schools of communication in Latin America and, consequently, in the definition of the subject matter of the communication.
Since the nineties, academic and research application of the theory of communication in Latin America has experienced a renewal, healthy and necessary overcoming change. This change starts mainly from overcoming the tendency to ascribe the declining communication studies to a single discipline and go creating a growing awareness of their status and disciplinary forms revolutionize approaches to the analysis and production, dissemination and reception the message. These changes, in fact, the main underlying theoretical and communication research in Latin America current.

Arnaldo Antonio Pasquali Greco, born in Rovato, Italy; on June 20, 1929, is a Venezuelan social communicator. He is considered one of the introducers of thought in Latin America Communication underlying theoretical sources of the Frankfurt School.
To Pasquali, humans develop the ability to communicate in the highest degree, as a means of interaction, discovery of the presence of the "other."
Communication thus understood is bivalent, so who can receive and transmit the recipient must be able to transmit. In this is a dialogic nature, that between individuals with ethical autonomy....

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