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Same sex marriage issue paves way for anti-discrimination bill
By Artemio Dumlao (The Philippine Star) Updated July 05, 2011 12:00 AM

BAGUIO CITY ,Philippines – Christian groups led by the Catholic Charismatic Christian Movement believes that the same sex marriage controversy is a “grand design” by some sectors to push House Bill 1483 (Anti-Discrimination bill) filed by Bayan Muna party-list Rep. Teodoro Casiño.

According to the group, the same sex unions officiated by the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) here on June 29 have been pitting family members against each other, the opposing Catholic Church and other Christian groups versus the proponents and even government officials caught in the controversy.

Alexander Bangsoy, a member of the charismatic movement in the city and nearby Benguet, said the diverse reactions to the same sex marriages were part of a plot to stir debate and evoke discriminatory attitude against the third sex to gather sympathy for HB 1483.

“It set the stage for them to say they are being discriminated, though (they) are not,” Bangsoy said.

The group vowed to oppose HB 1483 by urging Baguio Rep. Bernardo Vergara, Benguet Rep. Ronald Cosalan, and all other congressmen to drop the measure.

They have also taken their cause to social networking sites like Facebook (No To Same Sex Marriage in the Philippines group) and have initiated a signature campaign to counter the growing popularity of the “unions.”

“We should oppose HB 1483,” Bangsoy, now a pastor, told the handful of demonstrators gathered at the People’s Park.

“I have proven that we can change. Being a man is a matter of decision, being a male is only a matter of birth,” he said.

The critics of same sex unions have also gone beyond debates and discourse as the city council here is poised to declare MCC’s Myke Sotero and two others who officiated the

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