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Three Strategies To Combat Counterfeiting

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3 Strategies to combat counterfeiting

Extensive research on measures and strategies to combat counterfeiting has been con-ducted. Those strategies against counterfeiting can be taken in different areas and have to be seen as complementary. This part of the paper analyses approaches measures and strategies that have been formulated and discussed by relevant literature.
3.1 Legal strategy

The first strategy that is often suggested is the legal prosecution of counterfeiters. De Chernatony and McDonald (1988) write that registration of trademarks and patents are of paramount importance for successful brand protection strategies. Hoecht and Trott (2014), on the other hand believe that this common approach is of little success and does not combat
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This is also the main approach of Victorinox’s product strategy. Victorinox tries to differentiate itself from counterfeiters in regards of superior quality. Swiss Army knives are of such high quality that Victorinox is able to assure life-long warranty. Victorinox continuously tries to enhance product quality and to develop new products. These days Victorinox sells over 100 different types of Swiss Army knives. Some of them incorporate high-tech gadgets such as memory sticks or LED flashlights which shows Victorinox innovativeness (Victorinox, 2014a). In addition to the cross and shield emblem, Victorinox uses the “Victorinox Swiss Made Stainless” stamp on the blade as a labelling technique. Whilst counterfeiters often achieve to copy the cross and shield, they fail to copy the stamp on the …show more content…
Victorinox is therefore mainly faced with cases of non-deceptive counterfeiting. The risk of Victorinox becoming victim of counterfeiting because of careless supply chain management is negligible because most of its construction sites are centralised in Switzerland. The author would therefore recommend that Victorinox should focus their strategies on the demand rather than the supply side. Since Vicotrinox cannot offer lower prices than the counterfeiters, its products have to convince with high quality. The author’s proposition is that Victorinox should focus stronger on communication and product strategies. Certain potentials can be identified in Victorinox’s communication strategy. The author suggests establishing a more aggressive advertisement strategy. Victorinox has to stress its quality, its life time warranty and the conditions under which their pocket knives are produced. Furthermore, consumers need to be made aware of the risks that counterfeits can pose.

According to the author, Victorinox should maintain its current strategies to combat counterfeiting. Victorinox’s approach of educating Chinese costume officers is interesting and innovative. Nevertheless, the question whether the money could not be better in-vested in departments as R&D remains open. The software used against counterfeits on online platforms is a good

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