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The history of Russia is extremely important. How did it become what it is today? From the before the Russian revolution in 1917, communism became a driving force in the Russian existence. The cultural background in Russia also played an important role informing what the country is today. The new leaders such as Lenin, who introduced Marxism to the Russian society, often viewed capitalism as evil. The Russians also prided themselves in their army. With the emphasis placed on the military, the economy under communism has struggled immensely. These traits will eventually lead to the downfall of Communist Russia.
The Russian population came forth from a mixed heritage, mainly Slavic. The language and tools of the early Russians is often related to agricultural work, thus it emphasizes their way of life. The growth of towns and villages bring a rise economically socially and politically, which changed the lives of the Slavs from a rural people to a more not so much urban people but less rural people. Class distinction was beginning to develop amongst the people as wealth from these villages and the enterprises in them In the beginning not all people were under strict control of the Czar, also, not all that were under the Czar were Russian. The Russian culture was very diverse due to colonization. It is not uncommon for someone at this time to be a Finn, Slav, or other race. Russians are not a race, but an ethnic group of mixed background. Some leaders of Russia can be praised for their good work. One of these great leaders in particular was Peter the Great. From 1682 till 1721 he was the Czar of Russia, and from 1721 till 1725, he was emperor of all of Russia. His westernization of Russia was looked at by some as a blessing, and by others as a curse. Many believed that if they were to follow their own world, and views that Russia

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