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The Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills, an American football team, were founded in 1960 when Ralph Wilson Jr. bought the Buffalo Niagras and renamed the team after the famous Wild West circus performer “Buffalo Bill.” They then joined the American Football League, or AFL, which was thought to be inferior to the National Football League, or NFL. Since that time the Buffalo Bills have become a very important part of the economy in Buffalo. Headquartered in Buffalo, it is one of the few prospering businesses in Buffalo which ranked in as the no. 8 most miserable city in the United States, according to Forbes magazine. To the people of Buffalo, the Bills represent much more than an economic impact, but have become the only thing that these miserable people have to look forward to every year. Unfortunately for them, the bills have also been ranked by the NFL network as one of the top 10 “snake bitten” franchises and experienced an incredible amount of bad luck and struggle throughout their history.
The Bills got off to a slow start in their inaugural season finishing with a below .500 record and getting the less than spectacular distinction of being the only NFL team to lose to a Canadian Football team when they lost to the Hamilton Tiger Cats. In an attempt to change their fortunes they acquired San-Diego’s star quarterback, Jack Kemp, off waivers, and they drafted Syracuse Stand out and Heisman winner Ernie Davis. However, the bad luck of the bills continued when Davis opted out of the AFL and went on to be drafted by the Cleveland Browns; shortly after this he died of leukemia. Shortly after this the bills acquired some great offensive talent and had a very formidable roster, and with jack kemp at the helm the bills won the AFL championship in 1964 and 1965. While this may sound like a great accomplishment, as previously stated…...