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The researchers would like to extend their profound gratitude to the persons who have given their cherished support from the beginning until the end of this study. First and foremost the LORD God Almighty for the wisdom and the strength he bestowed on the researches to finish this undertaking and for the blessings they receive everyday of their lives. To the researchers family, for their unconditional love, support in terms of financial, moral and spiritual aspects. To the researchers’ friends, who also contributed in the success of this study.
To the respondents, for their participations and willingly effort in answering the questionnaires for the fulfillment of this study.
Professor Roel V. Avila, the researchers’ adviser for extending his immeasurable concern to the researchers and for imparted his ideas, knowledge concerning this study. To his suggestions for the improvement of the study.
To Corina and Prodencio, Adelina and Nolasco, Lucila and Ruel, Ma. Dearly and Pablo, Florinda and Daniel, Liwayway and Rosauro, Ma. Sonia and Edwin, Betty and Mario. The researchers’ parents, for incessantly inspiring the researchers to pursue the study, for their persistent support, financially and morally, and for their conviction to permit the researchers to use the residence as dwellings during the completion of the study.
To Mr. Reynald M. Cacho, the Master Researcher, Mrs. Lucila A. Calabia, the Master Statistician, Mrs.Rita E. Arche, the Master Grammarian, for giving their indispensable time and determination on validating and assessing the research materials;
To Valiente, Regencia, Aurellana, for their manuscript that served the researchers as their guide for their research study
To Czyrine Ebreo, Falqueza Family and Christian Paglinawan for rendering their laptops to the researchers.
To Mr. Mark Anthony A. Erasmo, for rendering his printer for the researchers to have printed copies of their manuscript.
To Ate Liza, for allowing the researcher to use their residence likewise to tito Noli for guiding the researchers in their residence during the completion of the study.
Without all of those mentioned above, this research study will be impossible to accomplish. For whatever had happened the researchers believe that “Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later work belongs.” -- Albert Einstein J.M.T Avila G.E. Bulawan R.A. Calabia K.F. Canzana J.B. Hermosura E.V.Hipe M.L.A.A. Macazar J.M.P Sarmiento THE RESEACHERS


This Research paper is lovingly dedicated to the researcher’s prospective parents who have been our constant source of inspiration. They have given the researchers the drive and to tackle any task with enthusiasm and determination. Without their love and support this project would not have been made possible.

John Mielton Avila

Grace Bulawan

Ruciel Calabia

Kathyrine Canzana

Jalelee Hermosura

Erickson Hipe

Merci Lliana Ann Macazar

Janela Mae Sarmiento


Title : The Philippine Normal University Lopez Quezon Graduates Batches
2009-2011: A Tracer Study

Author : Avila, John Mielton., Bulawan, Grace E., Calabia, Ruciel A., Canzana, Kathyrine F., Hermosura, Jalelee B., Hipe, Ericson V., Macazar, Merci Llana Ann A., Sarmiento, Janela Mae P., Bachelor of Elementary Education, Philippine Normal University, Quezon Campus A.Y. 2012-2013

Keywords : Tracer, Tracer Study, Graduates, Batches, Alumni, Status

This study is focued on the current status of the Alumni batches 2009-2011 of Philippni Normal University Lopez Quezon.
The researchers’ used the descriptive design for this research and utilized qualitative method in order to determine the current status of the Alumni batche 2009-2011. The researchers used instruments, questionnaires and online survey for the respondents. The researchers used stratified sampling technique due to the needs of the study. The statistical tools used in this study included the frequency count, mean, and percentage. The researchers engaged in the tabular presentation, textual, and graphical presentations. Summary of Findings

The findings were summarized following the order in which the problems of this study were presented:

1. What are the personal data of PNULQ alumni batches 2009-2011 in terms of: a) sex, b) address and c) age?

1.1. Seventy percent (70%) of the respondents are female while thirty percent (30%) are male.

1.2. Sixty percent (60%) of the respondents are 1.3 Majority of the respondents are aged twenty three
2. What is the respondents’ educational background in terms of: a) educational attainment and b) reason/s for enrolling at PNU?

1.1 Eighty percent of the respondents did not take masteral degree and 20 percent had taken their masteral degree.

1.2 The school location obtained 80 percent ranked as first. While, the affordabletuition fee got 70 percent ranked as second. The prospect for better employment got 60 percent ranked as third. Personal prestige to study in PNU got 40 percent ranked as fourth. Availability of scholarship got 10 percent ranked as fifth and fulfillment of dream to study to study at PNU got 0 percent ranked as sixth.

3. What are the respondents’ employment characteristics?

Seventy percent of the respondents are permanently employed. While 20 percent of the respondents are temporarily employed and 10 percent of the respondents are in contractual employment.

4. What are the respondents’ employment histories?

4.1 The knowledge and technical skills got the mean of 4.7 interpreted as to some great extent. While communication skills, human relation skills, research skills, problem-solving skills and information skills got the over all mean of 4.3 interpreted as to some extent and leadership skills got the mean of 4.2 interpreted as to some extent.

4.2 Sixty percent of the respondents interpreted the relatedness of the tasks during undergraduate program as very much. While 40 percent of the respondents interpreted as much.

5. What are the respondents’ professional achievements in terms of professional examination/s passed?

Sixty percent of the respondents have passed the licensure examination for teachers. While 40 percent of the respondents did not pass the licensure examination for teacher.

6. What are the respondents’ experiences during the transition period from graduation to their first employment?

6.1 The transition period from graduation to their first employment. Right after graduation got 80 percent. While less than a year and more than a year got 10 percent.

6.2 The process of getting the job of the respondents. By application got 80 percent. Political connection got 20 percent and political connection got 0 percent.

6.3 The difficulties experiences of the respondents. Few job vacancies got 80% while inadequate experience and personality factors both 10%. Mismatch of educational qualification, inadequate experience, inadequate knowledge or skills, not meeting paper requirements, passing the pre- employment interview and exam and lack of political patronage got 0 percent.

6.4 The factors why the respondents get hired. Reputation of the university got

40 percent. While area of specification, scholastic standing and personality factors have the same percent of 10.

6.5 The relation of the respondents’ job to their area of specialization. 80 percent of the respondents answered yes and 20 percent answered no.

7. What is the respondents’ level of satisfaction with the PNULQ services, learning environment/climate, and facilities?
The services rendered by the PNULQ got the mean of 4.4 interpreted as high. While learning environment got the mean of 4.2 interpreted as high and services got the mean of 2.3 interpreted as low.

Conclusion With the view of findings the researchers give the following conclusions:
1. Profile of the respondents in terms of age, gender and address.

a. Most of the respondents were female.

b. Majority of the respondents were aged twenty three years old;

c. Most of the respondents were living in Lopez

2. Background of the respondents in terms of educational attainment and reason/s

for enrolling at PNU.

a. Majority of the respondents did not take masteral degree;

b. Most of the reason of the respondents for enrolling at PNU is because of the

school location.

3. Majority of the respondents have a permanent work.

4. The employment histories of the respondents in terms of skill mean and

relatedness of the tasks during undergraduate program.

a. Most of the respondents have highest mean to knowledge and technical skills

as interpreted as to some extent.

b. Majority of the respondents interpreted the relatedness of the tasks as very


5. Majority of the respondents have passed the licensure examination for teacher.

6. The transition period of the respondents from graduation their first employment, process of getting a job, difficulties experiences, factors to get hired and relation

of the job to their area of specialization .

a. Majority of the respondents got their job right after the graduation.

b. Majority of the respondents were got their job through application.

c. Most of the respondents experience difficulties because of few job vacancies.

d. Most of the respondents got hired because of the school reputation.

e. Majority of the respondents get a job that related to their area of


7. The level of satisfaction of the respondent with the PNULQ services, learning

environment/climate and facilities.

a. The services that rendered by PNULQ is high.

b. The learning environment in PNULQ is high.

c. The facilities in PNULQ is low.


1. The Philippine Normal University Lopez, Quezon, Administrative Officials may organize

seminars, symposium, lectures and trainings to the graduating students of the university

focusing in finding jobs after college and through channeling to other departments of the

government and other companies for helping the graduates finding their jobs after


2. The parents should fully support their children from studying in their bachelor‘s degree up to finding their careers after graduation.

3. The graduates should aim for reaching higher job position in their respective jobs, for them to be able to be honored that they are competing in the world of professionals with excellence.

4. The future researchers of the same study should have all the drive to trace the graduates in timely and systematically manner for them to arrive in a very satisfactory result.

Through this research, the following are the suggested subject for further study.

1. The Perception of Philippine Normal University Students towards themselves as a


2. The PNULQ Graduates Batches 2005-2008: A Tracer Study.



Title Page i

Approval Sheet ii

Acknowledgment iii

Dedication iv

Research Abstract v

Table of Contents xiii

List of Tables xvi

List of Figures xvii

List of Appendices xix



Introduction 1

Statement of the Problem 6

Assumption 7

Hypothesis 7

Significance of the Study 7

Scope and Limitation 8

Definition of Terms 9


Related Studies 15

Synthesis 17

Theoretical Framework 18

Researchers Theory 22

Conceptual Framework 25


Research Design 27

Locale of the Study 29

The Respondents 38

Research Instrument 39

Data Gathering Procedure 39

Statistical Treatment of Data 40


The Personal Data of PNU Lopez, Quezon Alumni 43
Batches 2009-2011

The Educational Attainment of the Respondents 47

The Reasons for Enrolling at PNU 49

Respondents’ Skills of Employment 52


General Summary of the Study 65

Summary of Findings 67

Conclusions 70

Recommendations 72






1 Frequency Distribution of the Gender of the Respondents 36

2 Frequency Distribution of the Hometown of the Respondents 37

3 Frequency Distribution of the Age of the Respondents 38

4 Frequency Distribution of the Educational Attainment of the Respondents 40

5 The Reasons of the Respondents for Enrolling in PNU 41

6 The Employment Characteristics of the Respondents 43

7 The Ratings Given by the Respondents to the Skills Provided in their Pre-service in PNU 45

8 Relation of the Task that the Respondents received in Under Graduate Program 46

9 The Respondents’ LET Examination 48

10 The Transition of the Job of the Respondents 49

11 The Process on How the Respondents Get their Job 50

12 The Difficulties Experiences of the Respondents in Applying in a Job 51

13 The Factors Why the Respondents Get Hired 53

14 The Relation of the Respondents’ Job to their Area of Specialization 54

15 Satisfaction with the Services, Learning Environment/Climate, Facilities 56



1 The Theoretical Paradigm 21

2 The Conceptual Paradigm 22

3 Location Map of the Philippine Normal University 31

4 The Gantt chart 34

5 Frequency Distribution of the Gender of the Respondents 36

6 Frequency Distribution of the Hometown of the Respondents 37

7 Frequency Distribution of the Age of the Respondents 38

8 Frequency Distribution of the Educational Attainment of the Respondents 40

9 The Reasons of the Respondents for Enrolling in PNU 41 10 The Employment Characteristics of the Respondents 43

11 The Ratings Given by the Respondents to the Skills Provided in their Pre-service in PNU 45

12 Relation of the Task that the Respondents received in Under Graduate Program 46

13 The Respondents’ LET Examination 48

14 The Transition of the Job of the Respondents 49

15 The Process on How the Respondents Get their Job 50

16 Difficulties Experiences of the Respondents in Applying in a Job 51 17 The Factors Why the Respondents Get Hired 53

18 The Relation of the Respondents’ Job to their Area of Specialization 54

19 Satisfaction with the Services, Learning Environment/Climate, Facilities 56



A Letter of the Access Data

B Questionnaire

C Curriculum Vitae

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