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Traditional and Nontraditional Litigation: Litigation and Alternatives Video

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The Issue Quick Take Video subscribed to Nonlinear Pro’s editing software for a one-month trial period; however, shortly after the software had been installed, Quick Take Video received an invoice for $5,000, which is for a three-month lease. Believing that the invoice was in error, Quick Take Video contacted Nonlinear Pro and learned that Quick Take Video’s employee, Janet Mason, signed a three-month lease on behalf of the company rather than the software delivery confirmation she believed she was signing. Nonlinear Pro believes the signed lease commits Quick take Video to the three-month lease and should Quick Take Video fail to pay as agreed, the company will default on the lease agreement (Pearson, 2011).
Quick Take Video may file a cross-complaint alleging fraud and deception. Fraud occurs when one is dishonest for gain. Nonlinear Pro’s salesperson fraudulently secured a three-month lease agreement by presenting what appeared to be a delivery confirmation statement for signature. The lease agreement may be void because Janet Mason may not be authorized to make agreements on behalf of Quick Take Video (Pearson, 2011).
The Advantages of Arbitration
Arbitration is a method of conflict resolution that allows the parties in conflict to present their case to a neutral third-party subject expert. Because arbitration is an alternative to traditional litigations, the proceedings are less formal, and because the proceedings are less formal, the rules can be altered to meet the needs of the needs of parties. Unlike traditional litigation, the arbitration process is quick, and the matter is handled privately whereas traditional litigation is public record. It is important to understand that although arbitration is less formal, less expensive than traditional litigation, and private, arbitration is adversarial; only one side will win (Chessman, 2010)....

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