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Two Sides of Social Networking


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...Topic: We are all connected to Social Networks in ICT World. Write in detail about the merits and demerits of these. Write in separate paragraphs. Do not mix both at a place and in same sentence. Discuss about the dark sides of social networks. (Mobile phone you are carrying is also part of Social Networks) Post liberalization, there came a revolution in technology which transformed India, in a way it never happened. In this era of globalization, the flow of goods and services is as simple as anything. There are no boundaries or borders for communication. Very well known as the ICT world, that is, the world of information and communication technology in which an integration and unification of telecommunications, computers as well as necessary systems and enablers has happened. And the transition was not in just the way businesses happened, it even brought about a change in the way people think, their attitude, their response towards the market and much more. The world is a much smaller place now, with the advent of internet. Today, I don’t have to wait for days for my letter to reach to a foreign nation, its quick, even less than nanoseconds may be. Social networking is another tool for easy and a fast paced communication and expression. Social networking implies to the usage of online networks available such as Facebook, twitter, Google+, Hi5 etc. for communication. Blogs, texts, group and private chatting and messaging, sharing attachments, files, snaps are also a part...

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...D side 6 - nedstående tekst omskrevet fra nutid til datid Please listen to this episode from my school years. It was snowing outside the school building. I put on my warm jacket, and my girlfriend, Melissa, who put on warm clothes as well, shivered at the thought of the cold outside. We left the building and walked hand in hand through the snow-covered streets. We tried to keep warm and almost ran down the street. When we came to the pedestrian street, a homeless man suddenly approached us. He looked really miserable, but his eyes had a very strong glow. He told us about his poor childhood. We stood still and at some point Melissa cried a little. Afterwards we were quiet for a long time. It seems like ages. He gave us one final piece of advice before we went on. The texts in section A focus on social networking. 1. Write a summary of “Five clues that you are addicted to Facebook” (text 2) in about 150 words. “Five clues that you are addicted to Facebook” is written by Elizabeth Cohen. It is a short text that tells us stories about people being addicted to Facebook. In the story we hear about a person named Cynthia Newton. She has a 12-year-old daughter, that once asked her if she could help her with her homework, but Cynthia couldn’t because she was too busy with being on Facebook. According to the article, family therapists see more and more people who have a problem or are addicted to Facebook. Joanna Lipari compared Facebook to “The Truman Show”. “The Truman...

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...Draft 3/27/12 How has Social Networking affected the sporting industry? From all the premier sports athletes like LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers, Andy Roddick, Michael Phelps to all of the big-time sports anchors and newscasts like Chris Berman or Dick Vitale. Social Media has changed the dynamics of how people watch and follow sports on a daily basis. Social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook are two big networks that allow people to stay up to date with their favorite team and/or athlete. Social networking began to boom around seven or eight years ago and is continuing to grow rapidly all around the world. I use both Twitter and Facebook on a day-to-day basis. I am checking on the news in the sports world by “following” my favorite athletes via Twitter and I check my favorite teams fan page on Facebook. Twitter is used more by the athletes and sports anchors due to its constant status updates (tweets) and ability to follow only a certain number of people of whom they choose. I entered in the “Twitter world” in 2011 and began to see how it was growing into the phenomenon it is today. It seems like in 2011 that every league, team, player, and even commissioners have their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. The real concerning point is the fact that college and pro sports players have been on twitter and have been known to let their emotions take control of their better judgment. A question I bring to your attention is how social networking has affected the sports...

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...10/24/2010 Online Social Networks As technology is improving rapidly nowadays, there is a wide variety of ways for people to communicate with each other. Communication is not limited to phone calls and face-to-face conversations. People can be in contact by text messages, online messengers and online chat room. The invention of online social networks such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter is particularly attracting people to join them to communicate with other people. An online social network is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on building social networks among people, who share interests and activities. An online social network essentially consists of a representation of each user, often a profile, the social links of the user, and a variety of additional services. Most online social networks are web based and provide means for users to interact over the Internet, such as e-mail and instant messaging. An online social network is sometimes considered as a social network service. In a broader sense, online social network usually means an individual-centered service whereas online community services are group-centered. Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, activities, events, and interests within their individual networks. (Latest News and Information on Social Networking) The online social networks are very useful and convenient for communications among people as users can get contact through e-mail and instant messages. There are also...

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...language: social media and social networking. This sensation affects us i numerous of ways and nowadays we can access it at all times, because we are carrying it with out at all times: through our cellphones. The phenomenon social media is like a coin with two sides: it has both negative and positive consequences. As mentioned before social media has created a new way to communicate with people from all around the world: communications has been simplified. Never before has it been easier to meet new people and build up new relations with all kinds of people. Through social media it is simple to keep in touch with old friends without even leaving your own home. Social media also creates an opportunity to bring people with common interests together. It also helps people who have a difficulty communicating in person are more comfortable interacting via the Internet. No one can argue with the fact that social media does have a positive impact on the society, but as mentioned before there are always two sides of a coin. Social media does indeed have a positive affect on the world, but there will always be cons to break it down. Firstly, as mentions before, social media distracts people, and sometimes a distraction is just what one might need. But it might sometimes create a distraction from what we are suppose to do in our workplace or in school. It is often argued if social media should be allowed in these environments and that is a never ending discussion. Social networking...

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...Pros and Cons of Social Networking These days the social networking sites have become extremely popular among the youth as well as the professional people. Keeping in mind, the growing popularity of these sites and the effect it has and the benefits that it brings along, it can be easily predicted that its popularity is sure to grow much more. Some of the sites such as Friendster and MySpace are the two most popular sites that aim to build special niche for people who share common interests and passions. Whereas social networking sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn are more professionally related and help the business men promote their businesses. However, everything has a positive and negative side. Similarly, the social networking sites are also made up of their set of pros and cons. Analyzing The Pros of social networking: The social networking websites are more like the virtual meeting places where people can just chill and hang out with friends. They can discuss on different topics, share information, and exchange files and pictures. There are some people who use these sites as a platform to meet long lost friend and batch mates, whereas there are others for whom it becomes a bridge to meet their future love. You can either reconnect with your friends and family members or search a dating partner. Some people also use these websites to promote their blogs and services. The professional people uses this as a medium to raise their visibility, get noticed, tell about their...

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...Social Networking Sites and crimes The social networking sites allow users to exploit lots of features. These website are spreading everywhere and attracting users around the world. The social networking sites require users to supply personal information. Users are unknowing of the risk by using social networking sites. Social networking sites are a cause of increasing crime because they display personal information to all users that gets misuse. Social networking sites are increasing the crime rate. These sites disclose personal information that criminals can use. Criminals connect to the victims via these sites and build trust with them by chatting. The criminals then fetch all the personal information of the victims from the sites. Zuckerberg says his ubiquitous company remains very sensitive to customer’s concern (Lampe). “Everybody I work with at Facebook has privacy as a top concern.” But this is not true. Facebook keeps on launching new features that provides all the personal information available to the public. For example, in late 2006 when Facebook first announced its “News Feed” feature (Lampe). This feature provided a constant updates of recent activities of the user to all their friends.  There were complaints from users, but this feature cause a tremendous increase in the new memberships. Facebook still provides this feature. They keep adding the feature that discloses personal information. Criminals take advantages of these features. Users are unaware of the...

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...Role of social media Social media plays an essential role in our daily life. When it comes to the problem that if people should keep records or experiences by exposing photos on social networking sites, their opinions vary from person to person. In the following paragraphs, this popular controversy will be addressed as both position is thoroughly analyzed. The invention of social media has pulled people together, building strong social connections, making the world smaller, and enabling people to share their happiness with others. Social networking is also a good way to meet friends of diverse backgrounds. Take Instagram as an example. It recommends posts or users based on your interests, likes and other factors, allowing people to find those who share the same interests as them, thus broadening their friends circle and providing future convenience. From Erik Quaiman’s “Socialnomics: how social media transforms the way we live and do business”, the author states that social media touches nearly every factor of our personal and business lives. The rhetor uses statistics and emotional appeals to illustrate the importance of social media. For instance, “Over 7 million views of their YouTube videos, 750,000 views of their Flickr photos, more than 125,000 hand-raisers on, 11,000 vehicle reservations and an awareness rate of 60 percent-equal to that of vehicles that have been in the market for two to three years. All through social media”(Erik Quaiman, 1)....

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...Dominance of Social Networking Introduction In early 2013, German courts have ruled the internet as ‘essential’ to the German citizens. It’s not only in Germany where we see that the internet has become huge part of our daily lives. All over the world we see that there are more and more people using the internet every day. The internet is a boon in so many ways, but like everything it also has a flip side. The internet provides us with facilities and information man couldn’t imagine of having within a few seconds a few decades ago. Today, we take it for granted. One of the boons of the internet is Social Networking websites. For many, social networking IS the internet. Ever since the innovation of social networking websites, more and more people are beginning to use the internet. These sites help us stay in touch with friends and family all over the world, and staying in touch is just the beginning. Social networking has changed the world, and is constantly doing so. There have been suggestions that social networking is only a “fad” and will soon go out of “fashion”. But is it really just a fad or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? Social networking has facilitated so many processes like advertising, marketing; it increases the job opportunities, and spreads news faster than ever, it is used for recruitment by companies, for sharing pictures, experiences…almost everything. Social media is defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary as “a form of electronic...

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...Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society? 6/1/2012 | Are Social Networking sites good for our society? Abstract This analysis examines how people today use social networking for more than just staying in touch with friends and family. The data that was collected for this report was through multiple methods, such as surveys, online reading, and personal interviews. The data in this report represents how people start out using social networks just to keep in touch with friends and family only to realize that there are others out there that are using it for something more. Through research I have found that what starts out as something so innocent for most of us there are those out there that use it for personal gain and illegal activities. Introduction: What influences a person’s desires to start using social networking sites? Since the beginning people have believed that social networking was the best way to stay in touch with those you care about. While that may be true for most people it has become increasing obvious that it is not that way for some others. Nowadays people think that it’s okay to share what you are doing on a minute, hourly, or even a daily basis. Depending on who your “friends” are that can be just fine, but what happens when you share too much and with the wrong people? Are your “friends” the only one that can see what you’re sharing? How much of your personal information is available through these sites? Social networking...

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...Social networking sites have both positive and negative effects. According to, Social networking is “the practice of expanding the number of one’s business and/or social contacts by making connections through individuals.’’ For many around the globe, the use of social networks has become part and parcel of life. Students or youths in particular have made browsing social networking sites a daily habit. The use of social networks has enabled networking around the world very simple and has made individuals do away with engaging themselves in sporting activities as many prefer to chat online. This essay outlines some of the positive impacts and drawbacks of social networking. Firstly social networking sites encourage individuals not to limit their social life by seeking friends around the world through networking. People who have never met are able to share experiences and common interests. In addition, lifetime friendships can be built through social networking. According to a Science Daily article (, p.1) students state that social networking helps them to further improve and maintain friendships, make new friends, stay in touch with family et cetra. This shows that overall social networking sites can be very influential when it comes to friendship. Secondly, every student is unique in their own way; some are able to express themselves openly while others are shy in nature. Social networking facilitates open communication, leading to...

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...Social networking sites are a part of everyday life and they have brought revolutionary changes in communication between people. These sites provide different resources such as email and instant messages in one place. Availability of these resources makes the communication easy and faster. When we look at the social impact of social networking sites, we find that these sites have both positive and negative effects. Because of this fact, it is necessary to analyze both advantage and drawbacks of social networking sites. Undoubtedly, social networking sites are advantageous to young generation. With the help of these sites, people can communicate and express themselves by exchanging messages and comments. Social networking sites help in establishing connection with people, friends and relatives. These sites can be accessed from any part of the globe. Therefore, a person can interact with any person from any place. For example a student can clear his doubts with the help of a teacher. People having different professions can make groups like doctors, lawyers, students, poets, writers, social workers etc. The most common disadvantage of social networking sites is addiction. Often users of these sites get addicted to it. They spend hours using these sites and it harms their performance in other fields. It causes mental health problems and sometimes it harms their body too. Sometimes users provide their personal information to others which is insecure. We can see clearly...

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...Social networking- Good or bad? Enjoyable or stressful? Help or hindrance? Personally, I believe social networking sites such as facebook are bad. I have proof to support my concern. This is just a typical incidence which I am sure has happened to people everywhere. A girl in her teens, lets call her Amy, made a friend on Facebook. The person she started talking too seemed nice enough. Though the person gave no personal information she was more than happy to give away hers. They got really friendly. She trusted the unidentified person and revealed many secrets and problems of her own. On the other side of the conversation there was a paedophile. He was trying to get to meet up with her at a forest by a park in the local area. Once he got the address of Amy he went to her house. Not to say hello or anything on the contrary he was watching her every move. Amy fell for the unidentified person and they agreed to meet up. Amy told her parents she was going out, they thought nothing of it. Last time they saw her. She went to the meeting point and met him. She was became scared as facebook told her he was 15, her age, instead he was 28. Now what happened next is distressing for anyone. She was beaten up and killed. Though he was caught it was clearly no consolation to the family. How does this link to social networking. Back at the very start she met him on Facebook a social media site. No boundaries to stop either person, no observation from elders just two people completely different...

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...this study and for correcting grammatical error in this paper. Ms. Carla Fiel, who taught the researchers in statistical analysis Of course the panellists; Ms. Maurich May Cainap and Sir Russel Valdez who criticized this study. Aside from that, the researchers would like to give the sincerest gratitude to the respondents for answering the questionnaires; the researchers’ subjects for their voluntary participation in their experimental procedure and for their willingness to take challenges to them and consequences. The researchers would like also to thank their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cuisia and Mr. and Mrs. Yacap, for giving financial contribution to their study. Abstract This research paper is entitled, "The effects of social networking sites to the academic excellence of the students in SAGIS". The researchers had decided to study this because SNS is getting more popular among teenagers and students and curious of the effects of SNS to them. Since the students are still high school students, the researchers decided to conduct this research to gain students, teachers, parents’ knowledge. It only covered the whole high school department of SAGIS, from 1st year to 4th year which totalled in 44 respondents. The researchers used the simple random sampling (SRS) to pick 30 students and purposive sampling since the students are Aloysians and they aren’t the same in Intelligence...

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