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ALL MANAGERS ARE LEADERS, BUT NOT ALL LEADERS ARE MANAGERS Origin | A person becomes a manager by virtue of his position. | A person becomes a leader on basis of his personal qualities. | Formal Rights | Manager has got formal rights in an organization because of his status. | Rights are not available to a leader. | Followers | The subordinates are the followers of managers. | The group of employees whom the leaders leads are his followers. | Functions | A manager performs all five functions of management. | Leader influences people to work willingly for group objectives. | Necessity | A manager is very essential to a concern. | A leader is required to create cordial relation between person working in and for organization. | Stability | It is more stable. | Leadership is temporary. | Mutual Relationship | All managers are leaders. | All leaders are not managers. | Accountability | Manager is accountable for self and subordinates behaviour and performance. | Leaders have no well defined accountability. | Concern | A manager’s concern is organizational goals. | A leader’s concern is group goals and member’s satisfaction. | Followers | People follow manager by virtue of job description. | People follow them on voluntary basis. | Role continuation | A manager can continue in office till he performs his duties satisfactorily in congruence with organizational goals. | A leader can maintain his position only through day to day wishes of followers. | Sanctions | Manager has command over allocation and distribution of sanctions. | A leader has command over different sanctions and related task records. These sanctions are essentially of informal nature. |
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