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Understanding Science


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Understanding Science For many people, science is something to be dreaded – boring math problems and pointless information. Science, however, plays an important part in the world around us. Not only does science rule every part of the human life, from the inner workings of the body to DNA, but it also explains the world that we live in. Even though, many times, science is looked at as an annoying extension of math and, therefore, something to be despised, understanding it can be extremely helpful in understanding our own lives. Science allows us to understand and answer the big questions that cause many people to turn to religion and their beliefs. Science is a way of understanding the world through examination and testing. It can be defined “as the process of observing and questioning the world around us. We also sometimes call the things that we learn through experimentation science” (Red Orbit). As such, science is the process of studying and testing theories to create a hypothesis. It is a very broad subject matter and encompasses many branches, most ending with the –ology suffix, meaning the study of. Biology, for example, is the study of the life where Geology is the study of the earth. People that study biology and geology are scientists because they follow the scientific method, “the most powerful method ever invented by humans to obtain relevant and reliable knowledge about nature. In fact, it is really the only method we have for discovering reliable knowledge – In other words, knowledge that has a high probability to being true” (Crazypills2). The scientific method sets a rigorous process of researching, testing, and analyzing results to deduce whether or not a hypothesis is correct and consistently reproducible. Science provides a medium for people to explain how the world works through observations, trial and error, and educated guesses brought

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