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Unit 1 Research 1 Paradigm Shift

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There are many technological advancements that has changed the way we live today. One of these technologies is laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery is eye surgery using lasers that reshapes the cornea (the front clear part of the eye), shifting its focusing power to improve vision. Laser eye surgery is being used every day to correct vision for those who are farsighted and near sighted, and few other vision problems. There are different types of laser eye surgery but the most commonly used type is Lasik. In the near future, laser eye surgery can positively impact our lives, and here are three reasons.
Laser eye surgery improves poor vision overall. The results are instantaneous, surgery usually last from 10-15 minutes per eye. Depending on the type of surgery, once the surgery is successfully performed, a person can see and feel the drastic improvements within few days. As technology grows, using this enhancement will reduce the amount of people who having problems seeing whether far or near. There would be more people in the world with 20/20 vision. Perhaps as we continue to advance in technological growth, correction to vision might exceed 20/20 and our eye sight might be sharper than 10 times better than what we see right now.
Another benefit with the use of laser eye surgery is individuals will no longer need glasses or contact lens. Following the surgery, patients can discontinue the use of any of those items. So for those who find themselves using bifocals, or reading glasses can put them away for good. In the future, possibly with improvements to laser technology, the production of those items might be considered rare, and even old fashioned to people who still wear them. Getting rid of glasses and contacts also builds one’s confidence, by not feeling at a disadvantage. When glasses and contact lenses are out of the picture, no one would feel less of a...

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